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Asylanten veranstalten in Freibad Orgie an Gewalt und sexuellen Übergriffen

Asylanten veranstalten in Freibad Orgie an Gewalt und sexuellen Übergriffen multikulturelle Badefreuden in Wien. Asylanten verwandeln Freibäder für weibliche Badegäste […]

Pedro Varela: “Thanks”

Pedro Varela, mensaje de agradecimiento.  


Barcelona anuncia que no permitirá la reapertura de la librería Europa

Pedro Varela en la Librería Europa en 1997. El ayuntamiento argumenta que el establecimiento no dispone de licencia de actividad […]

El Movimiento contra la “Intolerancia” se querella contra la Librería Europa

El Movimiento contra la Intolerancia se querella contra la Librería Europa por “difundir material antisemita, nazi y racista”. El presidente […]

Russia is not bankrupt

Sukhoi 30 Showing Off….. See the Russian Fighter Plane doing a delicate solo dance at ground level. It is even […]


Pedro Varela Read more […]

US House passes new Iran sanctions legislation

The Republican-dominated US House of Representatives has passed two bills imposing new restrictions on Iran one year after a historic nuclear […]


The ‘Holocaust’ as Gag

The ‘Holocaust’ as Gag July 11, 2016 renegade Suppression of freedom of speech is a long-term goal of the Jewish […]

Trump says Ginsburg must ‘get off the Supreme Court ASAP’

Republican candidate fires back at justice over remarks that criticized his presidential run, including that she ‘couldn’t imagine’ a Trump […]

The Dallas Massacre and the War on Whites     German philosopher Martin Heidegger stated the following about Jewish thinking:    “The Jews, with their marked gift […]


Ken O’Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler

  One of the greatest Activist for the truth and prosperity of Human kind who has sacrificed so much to […]

Handout photo of Israeli President Shimon Peres writing on a blackboard with Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park

Mark Zuckerberg: A Re-Incarnation of Marie Antoinette?

  Mark Zuckerberg: A Re-Incarnation of Marie Antoinette? July 9, 2016 — Tim Murray   “Let them eat cake” Mark […]

Facebook Celebrates Slaughter Of Dallas Police

Alex Jones and Rob Dew break down how Facebook is allowing calls for killing cops while censoring people who are […]

Udo Ulfkotte on his ban from Facebook: ‘Politically incorrect messages are silenced’

Facebook has temporarily blocked the page of a German author after he placed an ad there for his new anti-migrant […]

Netanyahu Will Go, but ‘Bibism’ Will Abide

  Even if the prime minister is ousted, his principles have become enshrined among the Israeli public and in the […]


Pedro Varela Geiss: Wanted!

The Mossos launch an operation against the neo-Nazi Libreria Europa 07/09/2016 – 16:47 hrs   The Police have sealed by […]


Robert Fisk and John Pilger Reporting from Iraq

      Robert Fisk and John Pilger Reporting from Iraq A hail of bullets, a trail of dead, and […]


Timothy Snyder: The Holocaust as History and Warning

Watch Timothy Snyder, Yale historian and foremost expert on Central and Eastern Europe, for an absorbing discussion of Black Earth, […]


The Star – Revisionists know all about it

“They’re the ones with the bad tendencies when they can think that way – there’s money around the star…” That’s […]


Britain says no

  Francis Carr Begbie, June 24, 2016 Cucked reactions to the Brexit vote “Bliss was it to be alive.,.” the […]