Joe Vialls, Ari, and Jim Stone in “The mouse that roared”

[important]On Saturday 5 October 2013 I visited Mr Andrew MacGregor at his home in Geelong where among other things we discussed his latest analytic enterprise.

As I am not personally delving deeply into the 1996 Australian “inside job”, the Port Arthur Massacre, I now offer to the public Mr MacGregor’s musings on this still live issue.

Fredrick Töben [/important]

‘The mouse that roared’ was a 1960’s British film starring Dame Margaret Rutherford and Peter Sellars. In this film Peter Sellars played at seven different characters. Joe Vialls has emulated one of his favourite actors in playing a variety of roles within the Intelligence arena.

Otho Jewell Vialls

ASIO involvement in the Port Arthur Massacre

In the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania in 1996, I was invited to accompany a friend to a meeting in Geelong to form a new political party, the ‘Australian Reform Party’, which had been instigated by the head of the SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) and due simply to the fact that I was the only person at that meeting wearing a suit and tie, I was nominated as the Branch Treasurer.

At a later meeting of the Geelong Branch of the ARP a farrier by the name of Miles Hodge attended and circulated copies of ‘The Strategy’ newspaper which along with Tony Pitt’s newspaper printed the writings of Joe Vialls. Then, when attending meetings at the eccentric widow, Leslie Feather’s residence at 64 Cromwell Road, South Yarra, more copies of the ‘alternative’ newspaper, ‘The Strategy’ were available for the person wishing to ‘learn more’.

The ‘proof-reader’ for ‘The Strategy’ newspaper was Robert Balgarnie of the ‘Inverell Forum’ in the northern New South Wales town of Inverell, and the actual ‘Inverell Forum’ was funded by ‘The Strategy’ newspaper, even though its editor, Ray Platt often pleaded poor.

And then, one day I had a call from ‘The Parson’, Neville Andrews. The parson was interested in my work on the Port Arthur massacre, and he gave me the name of ‘The Strategy’s’ editor, Ray Platt to vouch for his authenticity. I rang Ray Platt and received verification that ‘The Parson’ was on our side, he was ‘kosher’. However, within a very short time I received a call from Noel Mcdonald, who was quite alarmed and claimed that ‘The Parson’ was a spook.

I did some more checks. Noel Mcdonald was correct! The Parson, Neville Andrews’ wife was Jean Andrews. Her sister was Lyn Beavis, and both ladies had been at Port Arthur and present at the actual massacre whilst supposedly ‘on holidays’. However Lyn Beavis later took her employers, Audiometrics of Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn and the Commonwealth Bank to court in regard to injuries (mental) she received in being required to enter the Broad Arrow Cafe after the massacre to check on the welfare of another Commonwealth Bank employee, Anthony Nightingale, and from that court action, Lyn Beavis received a six figure payout.

The identification of Neville Andrews by Noel Mcdonald as a spook unveiled a whole network of Intelligence spies. Ray Platt, who vouched for ‘The Parson’, Robert Balgarnie, the ‘proof-reader’, Tony Pitt who worked with Balgarnie and others, and of course the ‘alternative’ newspaper they all were associated with, being ‘The Strategy’. Again, people handing out ‘free’ copies of ‘The Strategy’ such as Miles Hodge and Leslie Feather must also be viewed as suspect spooks.

But it gets even closer to the truth. All of these people through their association with Neville Andrews and his wife Jean Andrews, then Lyn Beavis and Anthony Nightingale were directly linked to the psy-ops of the Port Arthur massacre.


Joe Vialls and the Queen Street massacre

When ‘Joe Vialls’ had talked about ‘his friends at ASIO’, he was being quite correct about his friends, and that meant that Joe was also a ‘spook’, but not a member of ASIO per say. In July 2001, Joe Vialls wrote that the Port Arthur Massacre was a ‘Mossad’ psy-ops, that should have created a massive doubt within his readership, as there was not one shred of evidence to base that assumption upon.

In this article, Joe Vialls also claimed that the AR-15 used within the Broad Arrow Cafe had a ‘special’ shortened barrel used by the ‘Mistaravim’ that were actually sawed off by Israeli gunsmiths which demonstrated a total lack of knowledge in regard not only to firearms, but the actual AR-15 itself. The manufacturers of the AR-15 provide for a number of barrel lengths for the AR-15 up to a shortened barrel of 7 inches which would negate any requirement for any ‘special forces’ to interfere with the weapons barrels at that time.

This raises the question; ‘was there any ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre where the rifle had a ‘sawn-off barrel? In the Queen Street massacre by Frank Vitkovic on the 8th of December 1987, the weapon Vitkovic was required to use was an M1 carbine, but to fit this weapon in the bag that Vitkovic was to transport the weapon into the Australia Post Philatelic Building, somebody shortened the firearm by sawing off part of the stock and part of the barrel, which completely destroyed the gas operated self-loading mechanism. This meant that the firearm was no longer semi-automatic, and not only did it require to be hand cocked after every discharge, but that it was also very prone to jamming, which caused Frank Vitkovic to scream out in his frustration, “how do they expect me to kill people with this gun!”

This raises the next question; ‘why was there a necessity to shorten the M1 carbine to fit into its ‘carry bag?’ The answer is obvious. Nobody checked prior to the event to see it the M1 fitted the carry bag, and only at the time of Vitkovic leaving for Queen Street did it become apparent that the M1 was not compatible with the carry bag. Why wasn’t a larger ‘carry bag’ purchased? Because there was no time to purchase another carry bag. That means that the mistake was only noticed just prior to Vitkovic preparing to leave for the Queens Street massacre.

It is obvious from Frank Vitkovic’s remark during the massacre that it was not he who shortened the M1 carbine and thus totally destroyed the rifle’s integrity so who did? We know two things about this person; (1) they were controlling Frank Vitkovic at this time and (2) they were completely ignorant of the operations of the M1 carbine.

In his article on the Mistarvim at Port Arthur, Joe Vialls demonstrates the same ignorance with his comment re the ‘Israeli gunsmiths’ sawing off the end of the AR-15 barrels. This begs the question considering Joe’s relationship with the ‘Coalition for Gun Control’ being; “Was it Joe Vialls who shortened the barrel of Frank Vitkovic’s M1 so as to allow it to fit into the carry bag?”

Now Joe Vialls never moved from this position. In an article copyrighted on the 8th February 2005, called “Zionist Elite Prepare to Desert America for Tasmania”; Joe Vialls made this claim; “The 35 dead at Port Arthur were murdered by a four-man Mistaravim attack team, not by intellectually-impaired Martin Bryant”

Robert John Aumann of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Centre for Rationality would not have been pleased with this abusive disinformation especially by another Jew. The reality though is that Joe Vialls was protecting elements within the Australian government and the lobby group that was pushing the gun control agenda, the ‘Coalition for gun control’.


Noel Mcdonald and the headkickers at ‘’

Besides writing his own book on the Port Arthur massacre and calling for a proper ‘Coronial Inquiry’ into this incident, Noel Mcdonald also used to visit and debate the Port Arthur massacre on a blog site called, ‘’

When I had prepared most of the work I was doing in writing my book on this particular massacre, Noel Mcdonald informed the Public Debate site of my intension and within a couple of days I received a most unusual email from a person calling himself Hamish who advised me to get on board the ‘’ site.

Now ‘Hamish’ was one of Noel Mcdonald’s adversaries with the public debate forum on the Port Arthur massacre, along with others such as Brian Ross, Tomas de Torquemada, Hamish the Inquisitor, Observer and Andrew. This site was supposedly run by a journalist by the name of Jean-George Estiot, but it was not until the ‘opposition’ introduced a ‘Forensic Linguistic expert’ Geoffrey Pearson whose IP address was identical to that of ‘Hamish’ that Noel had the proof that we were dealing with a fraud.

We realised that ‘Hamish’ and Geoffrey Pearson were one and the same person which, combined with other evidence, meant that the other five players were also the same person. Noel looked at the gist of their arguments which was; “Joe Vialls is your leader in the conspiracy movement’, and he understood that these seven identities could only have one purpose; to cement into the mindset that Joe Vialls was the leader in their quest for truth in regard to the Port Arthur massacre.

There were the other emails that emanated from the same IP address of ‘Hamish’, being ‘Justine’ of ‘ which were sent to me, and emails from aliases of and sent to Noel Mcdonald, egging him on to confront the opposition at rather than leave. Once all of the various blogs and emails were put together and properly studied, the only conclusion that could be drawn from all of this was that there was only one person running the ‘Port Arthur’ forum at and that person was Joe Vialls.

This then became really bizarre as Joe Vialls when using the non de plume of Jean-George Estiot had written, “This is a hard question for me to pose or write about. I spent the Sunday night of the Port Arthur slaughter in a Hobart hotel room listening to an eye witness account from the Broad Arrow Cafe where his wife was shot dead.”

What we had at was an admission that Jean-George Estiot aka Joe Vialls was at Hobart on the evening of the Port Arthur Massacre, and as there was no way for any person to decide to visit Hobart via aeroplane immediately after the news of the massacre broke, as all commercial travel was totally booked out, Joe Vialls had to have been in Hobart prior to the massacre.

However it was not until the ‘Shooters News website identified Joe Vialls as one of the three men on the Broad Arrow Cafe balcony shortly after the massacre that we were able to identify Joe Vialls as the Intelligence officer who was in charge of the psy-ops. By July 2001 the Port Arthur Forum on had closed down due to ‘lack of public interest’.


The death of Joe Vialls

In July 2001, Joe Vialls instigated the ‘Martin Bryant Sorry Day – 22 November’ and forms were printed in both ‘The Strategy’ newspaper and at Joe Vialls’ website at in a move to enable Joe to further control public interest in the Port Arthur massacre, but towards the end of the year, Joe Vialls was required to return to his old ‘character’, Ari Ben Menashe in the Zimbabwean elections for Robert Mugabe. It was at this stage that the Martin Bryant Sorry Day was passed from Joe to ‘The Strawman’ Leonard William Clampett, formerly of Cairns in North Queensland, but at this time residing in Cavite, just outside of Manila in The Philippines.

By 2004 Shooters News had put out the news that Joe Vialls was on the balcony of the Broad Arrow Cafe shortly after the Port Arthur Massacre, and thus when looking at his two companions, the BCI policeman, Constable Justin Noble and the father of the actual gunman, Hans Overbeeke, who was easily identifiable by his wearing of the white ‘Wellington boots’ (Abattoir work boots) at Port Arthur, then Joe Vialls had to be ‘In Charge’ of the government run psy-ops, and would have been the driver of the ‘black SAS van’ that was parked outside the Cafe.

In May 2005, Stewart Beattie released his ‘unauthorised biology of Joe Vialls and suddenly things must have been getting too hot for ‘Joe Vialls’. On the 15th of May, Joe Vialls released his last article written under his real name; ‘Danger: Mind Controllers at work’. This article was badly flawed, and was not one of Joe’s better articles. And then on the 17th July 2005, Joe Vialls suddenly died.

Gossip had it that Joe’s wife, Marilyn Vialls was overseas at the time and had to catch the first flight to get back to Perth in time for her husband’s funeral. Another person who attended Joe’s funeral was a former SASR soldier residing in Hobart Tasmania, and the news was circulated that Joe had died suddenly of ‘kidney failure’, which is extremely strange, but six months later his cause of death was changed to ‘heart attack’ bought on by his kidney failure.

So from July 2005 there was nothing heard from either Joe Vialls or his alter ego, Ari ben Menashe. In August 2005 I circulated my article called; “Joe Vialls was right” in which I stated that Joe Vialls was also Ari ben Menashe, and I unexpectedly received an outraged attack from ‘Henry the Celt’ being the non de plume of Henry Ayres whose alter ego was ‘Alexander Henri Legault’, the former business partner of Ari Ben Menashe, who attacked me due to my slur on ‘Joe Vialls’, but virtually ignored ‘Ari ben Menashe’.

Port Arthur massacre (mk.ll) The Norwegian massacre

The Norwegian Massacre on the 22nd of July 2011 raised the spectre of ‘Joe Vialls’ as this particular massacre had a modus operandi extremely similar to that of Port Arthur and when I raised the name of Joe Vialls on one of the blogs seeking answers in regards to this massacre, I received a reply that Joe Vialls was not Ari ben Menashe from Mark Delmege, a former journalist from the Green Left Weekly. (

[Mark Delmege is an interesting character. He is based in Fremantle and was educated at John Forrest High School and in 1984 was a member of the ALP Fremantle Branch when he wrote a letter to the ‘Labor Militant’ publication in regard to ‘disarmament’. The ‘Labor Militant’ was a product of the ‘Socialist Workers Party’ within the ALP. For that magazine we have: “RAIDING PARTY ENTRISM” on the other hand, scorns such long term tactics and concentrates on relatively short-term entrism by a minority of members of the Trotskyist Group into the mass party. This was the policy of the SWP in the 1970s when it kept some undercover members in the ALP and produced a small magazine “Labor Militant” a few times a year. So by the 1990s, Mark Delmege had moved from writing articles for the SWP ‘Militant Labor’ to the ‘Green Left Weekly’.]

What must be remembered is that psy-ops such as the Port Arthur massacre and the Norwegian massacre required a lot of expertise in the various aspects, and when considering the similarities between the Port Arthur massacre and the Norwegian massacre such as the initial incident taking place in one area, then the ‘perpetrator moving to another area, and please do not forget that the PAM was originally to take place at ‘The Isle of the Dead’, and the capture of the ‘gunman’ by quasi-military police, then the expertise of the ‘Intelligence Officer’ that ran the Port Arthur Massacre would be vital to the planners of the Norwegian Massacre.

The problem here is that we have identified Joe Vialls as the ‘Intelligence Officer’ that ran the Port Arthur Massacre and he apparently ‘died’ on the 17th of July 2005. However, we have claimed that Joe Vialls was also known as ‘Ari ben Menashe’, and thus believed that Ari ben Menashe also would no longer exist. But when ‘Ari ben Menashe’ was reported to be alive and residing in Montreal, Canada, that changed the picture completely.

For Ari ben Menashe to be alive as announced in the ‘Montreal Gazette’ by Brian Hutchinson on the 4th of November 2012 and corroborated by other writers such as Robert Parry of Global Research and Marshall Wilson, then that simply means that Joe Vialls must also be alive, and thus capable of partaking in the planning of the psy-ops now known as the Norwegian Massacre.

The appearance of ‘Ari ben Menashe’ also means that the death of Joe Vialls had to be faked to negate the exposure that Joe Vialls had been receiving in regard to his role in the Port Arthur Massacre. This explains the conflicting stories put out in regard to ‘Ari ben Menashe’ prior to his final appearance in the trial of Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe, in that both Menashe and Legault were being divorced by their wives and charges of assault filed against Menashe meant that Ari ben Menashe had to flee Canada, and then later ‘fairy-tales’ of this situation being resolved and Ari being permitted to continue residing in Montreal.

The key to understanding the entire story surrounding Ari ben Menashe, Alexander Henri Legault and the company, ‘Dickens and Madson’ are ‘fairy-tales’ is that when the supposed facts are properly examined, they do not make sense, the time lines are out, and the various legalities are ignored. One of the classic errors is demonstrated in that on the 4th of December 2001, Ari ben Menashe was supposed to have celebrated his 50th birthday at the meeting with Morgan Tsvangirai, yet on the evening of the 3rd/4th of December 2012, somebody forgot to mention what a lovely present the house-fire was for Ari’s 61st birthday.

The significance of the three men on the Broad Arrow Cafe balcony

The interesting thing in regard to identifying the three men holding an impromptu meeting on the balcony of the Broad Arrow Cafe shortly after the massacre occurred within the Port Arthur Historic Site was the role each of these men, being Constable Justin Noble, Johannes Overbeeke and Joe Vialls played.

The BCI (Bureau of Criminal Intelligence) policeman, Constable Justin Noble, is a classic example. Constable Noble was a member of the New South Wales Police, seconded to the BCI which is based in the Federal Attorney General’s Department.

However, the BCI in Tasmania is actually part of the State of Victoria’s BCI, and when Constable Noble stated that his ‘private’ motor vehicle was registered ‘OEY 903’, which was a new ‘Victorian Motor Registration Authority’ registration number, that informs any experienced person that Constable Noble’s vehicle was in fact his police vehicle. In other words, Constable Justin Noble was ‘on duty’ when he was at the Port Arthur Historic Site on that particular day.

That simply means that Constable Justin Noble was ‘In Charge’ of the Port Arthur Historic Site part of the government psy-ops. His job would be to report back to his ‘Superior’ exactly how the massacre went down and any possible outcomes that would affect the Federal Attorney General’s Department.

Now there was an interesting statistic that the Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, Christine Nixon released during the 1990’s Melbourne drug gang wars, and that was ‘of the 39 members of the Victoria Police that had been seconded to the BCI, 13 of them were known to be corrupt. However not one report was made by the BCI in regard to corruption by these members within the BCI.’ In other words, the BCI has to be considered as one of the most corrupt bodies within the Australian Police.

Johannes (Hans) Overbeeke was the first one of the trio on the balcony to be identified, simply due to his white ‘Wellington’ boots which are normal issue for abattoir workers. A couple of days after the Port Arthur massacre, the ‘Hobart Mercury’ newspaper printed in their ‘Letters to the Editor’ section, a letter from ‘Hans Overbeeke’ praising the Tasmania Police for their efforts at the Port Arthur Historic Site on the day of the massacre. What most of the visitors and staff at the Port Arthur Historic Site did note though was the almost complete lack of police at the site until well after dark, a wait of over six hours from when the massacre occurred.

Hans Overbeeke was interviewed by ‘Who’ magazine, and stated that he was not upset by what he saw inside the Broad Arrow Cafe where 20 people had been killed and many others wounded, but he was later affected when he read about the death of Jason Winter, who was shot after he moved when he heard his baby starting to cry.

Now what type of person is it that is not affected by the blood and guts within a room where twenty people have been slaughtered?

In the same interview, Hans Overbeeke told of his previous activity in hiking with his two sons from Mt St. Clare to Lake Wellington, and that his two sons were with him at the Port Arthur Historic Site on the day of the massacre. Again, this proved to be a lie, as Hans Overbeeke was known to have spent the previous night at the Port Arthur Youth Hostel, alone and not accompanied by his two sons.

And then another witness from inside the Broad Arrow Cafe in her witness statement to the Tasmania Police stated that she saw Mr Overbeeke rifling one of the dead bodies inside the cafe. Hans Overbeeke had been identified by a witness who knew him personally.

Further investigations led us to the conclusion that Hans Overbeeke’s elder son, Benjamin Overbeeke was the gunman at the Port Arthur Massacre, and that his father Hans Overbeeke was the gunman’s back-up man.

What we then had was a confirmation of what most of the witnesses who had seen the gunman and described him as being between 18 and 22 years of age as totally correct.

What this tells us is that Overbeeke senior was well experienced in this type of operation, but his son was a novice. That means that they had been specifically selected for the Port Arthur massacre by Joe Vialls, and as the son had performed adequately he would be available for similar operations.

The last of the trio to meet on the Balcony of the Broad Arrow Cafe, was Joe Vialls, who drove the black SAS ‘communications van’ onto the site and parked it opposite the oval where it was videotaped during the rescue helicopters landing to transport the injured to the Royal Hobart Hospital.

When the witnesses on the Broad Arrow Cafe balcony who had seen the gunman consume his meal and try to chat up Rebecca McKenna, they also state that the gunman was mumbling to himself. What this simply means is that the gunman was fitted with a ‘throat mike’ and was thus communicating with his ‘superior’, the person who was inside the SAS black ‘communications van’, Joe Vialls. This means that it was Joe Vialls who ran the Port Arthur psy-ops. It also means that it was Joe Vialls who changed the ‘target’ from the Port Arthur ferry, ‘The Bundeena’ which was not running to their schedule, to the Broad Arrow Cafe.

It also means that it was Joe Vialls who told the gunman to take out Nanette Mikac and her two young daughters when the gunman was ‘on route’ to the tollbooth. It also means that it was Joe Vialls who instructed the gunman to kill the four ASIO operatives in the BMW at the tollbooth.

However, it would be a major error of judgement to take the Port Arthur Massacre as a single event. The Port Arthur massacre was part of an international series of events going back to the Hoddle Street massacre of August 1987; and in each of these massacres in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, it would have been the same operative running each of these massacres for the two ‘Political Lobby Groups’, the Coalition for Gun control and the IANSA, and that operative was Joe Vialls.

Joe Vialls and the Coalition for Gun Control

The most important question that has not yet been asked is just exactly why would a government ‘psy-ops’ use a ‘novice’ assassin at the Port Arthur massacre? In fact, just exactly why would a government run psy-op try to imitate a 28 year old Martin Bryant with a 20 year old Benjamin Overbeeke? Why did they use an untried novice? The obvious answer is that Joe Vialls and the “Gun Control lobby groups” did not have the same resources at their disposal as what a government intelligence unit would have. Again the question that should be asked is ‘why’ did Joe Vialls not have these resources? The answer becomes clear when the previous ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacres are studied.


The Coalition for Gun Control’s involvement

In every case where the ‘lone-nut’ gunmen were used to emphasise the requirements of gun control from 1987 to 2002, there were only three instances where a ‘professional’ gunman was used, those being (1) Dunblane Scotland in March 1996; (2) Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia in April in 1996 and (3) Erfurt, Germany in 2002.

In the first five of the ‘required’ lone-nut gun massacres that were to be used as a catalyst for the removal of firearms from the general populations, the actual shooters were amateurs who were supposed to die at the scene of their massacre.

The two lone-nut gun massacres in 1996 though were different, with major moves from the two ‘gun control lobby groups’ pushing for the banning of firearms and the political moves from within America’s Clinton Administration in regard to the 2nd Amendment a more traumatic effect was required. This in turn meant that a ‘professional’ gunman was required, but as Joe Vialls at this stage had no ‘professionals’ to turn to, that simply left it to Joe Vialls to be the gunman at Dunblane, and then the ‘patsy’ to coin Joe’s description, Thomas Hamilton was executed by the ‘back-up man, David Duke Scott.


Confessions of the Coalition for Gun Control

A list of the ‘lone-nut’ gun massacres on a world scale from 1987 to 1996, was printed in ‘The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law’ in ‘Volume 28, Number 1, 2000’, in an article by two psychiatrists, Christopher H. Cantor, Paul E. Mullen and Philip A. Alpers of the Coalition for Gun Control, titled, “Mass Homicide: The Civil Massacre” which deals with seven massacres, those being, (1) The Hoddle Street Massacre, Melbourne Australia 9th of August 1987, (2) The Hungerford Massace, England 19th of August 1987, (3) The Queen Street Massacre, Melbourne Australia 8th December 1987, (4) The Aramoana Massacre, New Zealand 13th November 1990, (5) The Strathfield Massacre, Sydney Australia 17th August 1991, (6) The Dunblane Massacre, Scotland 13th March 1996 and (7) Port Arthur Massacre, Tasmania, Australia 28th April 1996.

In the chapter named ‘Case Studies’, we have this: “In the cases of Knight (Case 1) and Bryant (Case 7), one author, (P.E.M.) has had the advantage of interviewing them, but only material in the public domain was utilized. In the case of Gray (Case 4), P.E.M. both lived in the immediate vicinity of the massacre and was responsible for the local psychiatric services involved in the aftermath and with the subsequent inquiries reconstructing the tragedy.” There is absolutely no reference to the report P.E.M. wrote in regard to Martin Bryant that was the sole evidence presented to the Hobart Supreme Court in Bryant’s Sentencing Hearing.

Each of these 7 massacres was used by either ‘The Coalition for Gun Control’ or the equivalent UK body ‘IANSA’ to lobby for the removal of privately owned firearms. The UK massacres were successful, but Australia had problems as firearms were not a ‘Federal’ issue, and only the Port Arthur massacre was able to overcome that impediment.

To demonstrate the complicity of the ‘Coalition for Gun Control’ in the Port Arthur massacre, Professor Simon Chapman of The Coalition of Gun Control told the Australian viewers of the ‘Today’ show on Monday the 29th of April 1996 at approximately 7.36am, that the ‘gunman’ at Port Arthur had a history of mental illness, but that 87% of gun massacres were caused by men who did not have a mental illness. Simon Chapman then corroborated the presenter’s statement that the gunman at Seascape Cottage had over 2000 rounds of ammunition.

Exactly how did Professor Simon Chapman obtain this information? Why did Professor Simon Chapman give out this information prior to the siege at Seascape Cottage being concluded? Compare Professor Simon Chapman’s knowledge of the massacre with that of the Tasmanian spokesperson for the Coalition for Gun Control, Roland Browne who was actually in attendance at the Tasmania Police Media Information Office when the first journalists attended there to obtain information in regard to the Port Arthur Massacre.

The only way in which Professor Simon Chapman and Roland Browne could have this information was if they were aware of the planning of this psy-op. In other words, the Coalition for Gun Control was involved in the planning of the Port Arthur Massacre.

Again, for Roland Browne of the Tasmanian branch of The Coalition for Gun Control to be able to predict in November 1995 and again in March 1996 that ‘a massacre would take place’ unless new firearms laws were implemented, demonstrates that Roland Browne had to be privy to the planning of the Port Arthur Massacre.

But the Coalition for Gun Control was not just compliant in the Port Arthur massacre, they were compliant in every ‘lone-nut’ gun massacre, not only in Australia, but also in the United Kingdom, Canada, America, New Zealand and Germany.


IANSA, the Dunblane massacre and Stirling University

Dr Mick North was a lecturer at Scotland’s Stirling University in early 1996. He was a widower, his wife having died of cancer and his only daughter, Sophie, was a student at Dunblane. Sophie was one of eleven female students that were killed during the Dunblane massacre. Dr Mick North was then recruited by IANSA’s Rebecca Peters to be their spokesperson in relation to the banning of handguns in the UK.

Much later when Sandra Uttley was searching for the ‘Trainee teacher’ David Duke Scott who was a major player in the Dunblane massacre, she found him working at the Stirling University. Like Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, Stirling University is called home by a large number of ‘spooks’.

Dr Mick North though has never comprehended that he was ‘preordained’ to be the ‘spokesperson’ for IANSA, and that his daughter Sophie was deliberately targeted by the gunman at Dunblane to bring about that recruitment.

In her book, ‘Dunblane Unburied’, Sandra Uttley demonstrates that the ‘so-called’ Dunblane gunman, Thomas Hamilton supposedly shot himself twice in the head with a Smith & Wesson revolver, after shooting all of his victims with a Browning automatic pistol.

Strangely enough, the first police witness, Constable Grant McCutcheon, who entered the school gym saw the body of Thomas Hamilton still convulsing in his death throes with the school Janitor, John Currie over the body and handling one of the two pistols which were the only weapons at the murder scene at that time. This is part of Constable McCutcheon’s police statement.

I further observed the janitor (witness _______ S27/D) who was standing to the left side of a black figure lying on the floor. I knew he was the gunman. I formed this opinion as he had shot himself in the head and together with other factors in my mind I took him to be as such. As I took all this in and formed my opinions I saw two pistols there.

I saw that his head had been blown away and the contents were behind him. I was focused on this image. I then saw the janitor bend down at the gunman’s left side and saw him retrieve a pistol. It was dark coloured and was not a revolver. I cannot describe it further. I also saw a further pistol lying to the left side of the gunman’s body. That was dark coloured as well and wasn’t a revolver.”

I also said to the janitor as he stood up to put the pistol down on the floor. I saw him place it as his feet. He was standing some 5-6 feet at the side of the gunman’s feet. He told me he just wanted to get the gun away from him.

I also saw, at the same time as all this, that the gunman was gurgling and breathing heavily. I formed the opinion that he was still alive but obviously nearing death. He was wearing a black boiler suit and he had a tan coloured leather holster around his waist on the left side. He appeared to be wearing a dark coloured anorak which had fallen open. I didn’t notice his footwear. I saw magazines, black coloured, lying about him. I do not know what number. I did see spent cases of ammunition lying about his body also. I could not put a number on them.

So what did Constable McCutcheon see at the murder scene? The body of Thomas Hamilton, wearing one tan holster, and two browning automatic pistols by his side, no revolvers, but Hamilton died after being shot twice in the head with a Smith & Wesson revolver that was not at that stage at the murder scene. Constable McCutcheon was not required to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry.

The ‘Scene of Crime Investigator, Chisholm who arrived much later in his statement to the Cullen inquiry stated:

“On Wednesday 13th March 1996, accompanied by witnesses (1, 2 & 3) I attended Dunblane Primary School.”

“I arrived at the school just before midday.”

“I was also aware at this point that there was a large camera bag, which appeared secured, lying on the floor just inside the door, beside the child.”

Nothing had been touched at this time.”

“Thomas Hamilton who was lying on his back in the middle of the gymnasium against the top wall”

“The body itself had a classic gunshot exit wound to the top of the head, but there was no noticeable entry wound.”

“I could see that four gun holsters of the right hand draw variety were strapped around the waist”

“two pouches were evident also, and which would appear to have been hung over each shoulder. The pouch on the right side was open and the contents, consisting of loose .357 ammunition and two box type magazines had spilled out on to the floor.”

“On the floor of the gymnasium to the left of the body as viewed towards the top wall of the gymnasium, I saw two firearms. One of them was a Browning self loading pistol complete with magazine in place and the other was a Smith & Wesson revolver, sporting black customised hand grips. The revolver appeared to be fully loaded.”

“Lying on the floor near these weapons were another 2 empty box type magazines.”

“On the floor of the gymnasium, to the right of the body as viewed, another Browning self loading pistol and Smith & Wesson revolver were lying on the floor of the gymnasium. The Browning pistol did not have a magazine in place. The revolver had standard hand grips and cursory examination, due to its position (butt up in the air and lying against a bench), showed that all chambers appeared full. Nothing was touched at this time.”

Chisholm tells us twice that ‘nothing had been touched at this time, yet that is incorrect, as McCutcheon tells us that the janitor, John Currie was seen ‘retrieving one of the pistols. The handguns have doubled from two pistols to two pistols and two revolvers. And the holsters have increased from one tan leather holster to four holsters, and yet not one of the handguns were holstered, which is extremely difficult for a ‘lone-nut’ gunman to manage, as just exactly how does a gunman carry the extra handguns whilst he is shooting with one pistol?

It was noted that Thomas Hamilton was a pensioner, and thus survived on a limited income. This being so, just exactly how did Thomas Hamilton purchase the 700 rounds of ammunition found at the scene of the crime. Furthermore, Thomas Hamilton did all of his shooting at the local shooting range and thus would have possessed only the normal browning magazine, so consider these magazines found at the scene of the Dunblane massacre. From Chisholm’s statement:

“This type of weapon, when fully loaded normally has a holding capacity of 14 shots – 13 in the box type magazine which fits into the butt/handle and 1 in the chamber.”

“Items 5 to 13 consisted of 25 extended box type magazines each capable of holding 20 x 9mm cartridges and all intended for use with browning Hi-Power pistols, including the two pistols described. This type of extra long magazine would give the pistol a holding capacity of 21 shots before reloading was necessary. Each magazine was marked with a yellow sticker to the front and an orange sticker to the rear. This is not standard, commercial practice and is quite obviously a ploy by the individual user to show which is the front and back for speed of magazine exchange. These stickers would appear to be held in place by sellotape. Four of the magazines were empty, three were partially full and the remaining eighteen were full.”

A witness described the attire of the gunman when he was seen entering the school grounds, being dark trousers, an anorak zipped up to under his nose, thick spectacles and a beanie pulled down to his eyebrows. Neither Constable McCutcheon nor Chisholm refer to Thomas Hamilton wearing a beanie when his body was lying in the school gym, nor was there a beanie near the blown-out brains.

Sandra Uttley’s book also refers to witnesses hiding in the building as;

The injured teachers and some of the less critically injured children were hiding in a storeroom off the gym. They weren’t fully aware of what was happening outside that room. However, Eileen Harrild testified that someone entered the gym BEFORE the gunman stopped shooting, and Mary Blake thought the gunman might have surrendered. Basically – and understandably so – they had no idea what was going on.” (Sandra Uttley, Dunblane Unburied)

So who entered the gym whilst the shooting was still in progress. For a start we have Thomas Hamilton who died in the gym after being shot twice through the mouth by a Smith and Wesson revolver which was not seen at the crime scene by the first policeman to attend the gym, Constable Grant McCutcheon.

Constable McCutcheon also tells us that he saw the school janitor, John Currie over the body of Hamilton, and that Currie was handling one of the Browning pistols. McCutcheon also tells us that the body of Hamilton was at this stage still in his death throes. The janitor John Currie now has to be a major suspect in the murder of Hamilton.

The ‘student teacher, David Duke Scott stated that he witnessed Hamilton shoot himself. Since Hamilton died by being shot through the mouth twice with a firearm that was not present when McCutcheon entered the gym, simply means that David Scott who was also absent from the gym when McCutcheon arrived has to be considered a major suspect.

Sandra Uttley’s book also gives us this little gem;

“One child who did not sustain any injury obviously told her parents something of what she saw in the gym, and this was then relayed by her parents to their solicitor. I repeat, they state that they saw two bullet holes in the south wall of the gym, about 2 inches apart and just 6 inches from the ground. Their statement continues, “There were no other bullet holes in that wall and I noticed that there were quite a few bullet holes in the other walls”

Who was the Dunblane gunman? Well, as the gunman was supposed to have been Hamilton, then the actual shooter would have had a similar appearance to Hamilton; short obese and a very competent shooter, somebody wearing a beanie, somebody very much like Joe Vialls!


Joe Vialls’ arrival in Perth

Joe Vialls arrival in Perth was acknowledged in an article written by journalist Mark Thornton in the ‘West Australian’ Big Weekend liftout on the 31st of March 1990 titled “Mind Games”. The gist of Mark Thornton’s article was a rewrite of what was written in the book by Tony Collins called “Open Verdict” and published in Great Britain by Sphere Books Limited in 1990.

The ‘West Australian’ newspaper in 1990 had some competition from another media company called ‘Daily News’ which in September 1990 went into receivership. In an article written by Mark Drummond in the ‘West Australian’ on the 24th of December 1990, it was announced that the ‘Daily News’ masthead had been purchased by ‘HMR Engine’ with a $30,000 down payment with the balance due within 6 months. To quote from that article:

HMR Engine Co general manager, Joe Vialls said that while the record circulation target was achievable, it was not included in his profit projections of $2.6 million in the second year of production.”

To quote from a further article written by Mark Drummond regarding the ‘Daily News’ masthead on the 15th of February 1991:

“Based on an independent feasibility report from Carine consultant Joe Vialls, HMR Engine believes it can break even in its first year publishing the Daily News”.

For some unknown reason the sale of the ‘Daily News’ masthead never went through, and the moves by HMR Engine and Joe Vialls stopped all other competitors in obtaining the ‘Daily News’ newspaper and thus competing again the ‘West Australian’ newspaper. What has to be recognised from these moves though is the association of Joe Vialls with the print media and journalism, something Joe has never admitted to.

Mark Delmege did a book review of ‘Open Verdict’ for the “Green Left Weekly” on Wednesday the 13th of November 1991 which in part stated:

“Remember a few years ago the mystery deaths of the British Marconi scientists? It seemed that every other month another body was found in strange circumstances. I had forgotten all about it until recently when talking to a Joe Vialls in Perth. He claimed that the last chapter (the epilogue) of a book on the deaths was about him.” “Joe Vialls case is offered as a suggestion of how these scientists may have been influenced to end their lives.”


Open Verdict” by Tony Collins

The prologue of this book was written by Stephen Arkell, Tony Collins editor at the ‘Computer weekly’. Arkell’s second paragraph states:

“This book is about a new type of war, electronic war. It is not fought on a battlefield with swords and spears, or their modern day equivalents. It is fought in the laboratories of defence research establishments with circuit boards and software. It is not fought by generals and lieutenants but by research students in universities and electronics engineers working for defence contractors. It is not a war that can be declared, it is a war that must be waged constantly during peacetime to maintain the upper hand. It is a war that must be waged in secrecy.”

Stephen Arkell is wrong though! This book is not about war, it is about murders, murders that appear as ‘suicides’ or ‘accidents’ and as such are still murders, and still unlawful. Even in war it is unlawful to commit murder.

When the national press and media followed up the Computer News story in 1987, there was much speculation that the scientists had all been involved in various aspects of the US Star Wars project. The theory was that foreign intelligence agents had been targeting Star Wars contractors and civilians working in Ministry of Defence establishments and were now closing the operation down. This seemed as plausible a theory as any on offer at the time.” (page 5)

On page 2 of the prologue Arkell has written this:

“When the initial tip-off came just before Christmas 1986, neither Tony nor myself were aware that the apparent suicides in Bristol of two Asian programmers working for Marconi might be connected with this secret war.” “The analyst had also heard that Marconi was being investigated by the fraud squad in connection with allegations made about certain defence contracts.”

Stephen Arkell informs us that “an analyst” has tipped them off in regard to two matters; (1) that Marconi (and only the Marconi companies) was being investigated by the Fraud Squad, and (2) about the ‘apparent’ suicides of two Asian programmers working for Marconi.

So exactly ‘who’ was the ‘analyst’ that gave the ‘tip-offs? He wasn’t from the Fraud Squad, and I doubt if he was from a Marconi company. And just exactly what was it that made the ‘suicides ‘apparent’?Was the ‘analyst’ aware that the two ‘suicides’ were not what they appeared and thus warranted further investigation? If so, then why did the analyst bestow this information on the ‘Computer Weekly’ magazine?

But it was not the ‘Fraud Squad’ per say that was investigating Marconi, as Arkell later wrote in the prologue; “Our initial informant, nearly three years ago, proved correct in saying that there was an investigation being carried out by the Ministry of Defence Police into Marconi.”

“The story was published in Computer News on Thursday, 5th March 1987. Since then, many other deaths and bizarre incidents involving defence workers have come to light.

Now let us skip the story in itself and proceed straight to the ‘Epilogue’, the concluding part of this story.

It’s a rather bizarre story so I won’t go into detail initially,” said the soft spoken engineer Joe Vialls.

He was ringing in March 1987 with an account of how he had been unwittingly subjected to psychological abuse, what many of us might regard as clandestine brainwashing. The subject matter could have been tailor made for rejection. Computer journalists are not usually predisposed to writing stories about psychological engineering. Even worse for Joe the Computer News newsdesk had become a magnet for the deranged after the paper broke the story on the strange deaths of two Marconi scientists.

It seemed we had stirred from apathy anyone of questionable sanity who had ever thought of ringing a newspaper. This did not make us particularly receptive to Joe’s contention that psychological modification had become a military science which was not only researched but regularly practised, that someone could be persuaded to believe they were a stunt driver driving through a building made of cardboard or that they could be a victim of deliberately induced stress which was sufficient to disturb the balance of their minds. The idea, at best, was outlandishly implausible.

David Sands’s death, said Joe, ‘rung so many alarm bells’. He was particularly concerned about the way David had turned off the main road on his way to work and for no apparent reason driven his car at high speed into the side of a cafe. Joe, a former Air Force engineer, went on to describe an incident in January 1986 when his three litre Ford Capri went into a spin at high speed. The dual carriageway was dry and visibility was good. The car hit dense brush on the central reservation and came to a halt, facing in approximately the right direction.” (David Sands died on Monday the 30th of March 1987)

“At a time when journalists were looking for an explanation of how or why scientists were killing themselves in such bizarre ways, Joe’s theory was no more eccentric than some of the deaths. It also drew attention to the clandestine partnership between the military and the psychologists.

It was agreed that Joe would come into the Computer News offices a few days later and discuss his experiences with myself and the editorial director, Ron Condon. He arrived a few days later with his wife Marilyn and bundles of documents. The experiences he recounted all that afternoon were almost unbelievable.”

“It is now more than two years since Joe rang me up and we have spoken on many occasions, mostly on the telephone but sometimes over lunch. He is an intelligent, fluent, wittily negative talker. But he seems to see a conspiracy with virtually every turn of his head. It is not for me to judge whether this is confusion, paranoia or a direct result of his experiences, but I owe it to him to relate what he says happened.

His story begins in 1983 when Joe, aged 46, born in Australia and living with his family in Ipswich, Suffolk”.


Joe Vialls insecurity

“At no point was Joe able to say, with any degree of certainty, how or why the abuse occurred. He felt his life was still threatened, perhaps by another allegedly subconscious action. (page 222)”

“I have also seen reports from specialists which clear Joe of any mental illness. In fact one psychologist in his report suggests that in terms of mental agility Joe may be among the top two percent of the population. The view of psychologists is that Joe’s assertions cannot be dismissed.” (page 223)

“Joe’s argument is that he is uncertain about the exact nature of the psychological abuse because it took place without his knowledge, at a level deep in his subconscious.” (page 223)


Joe Vialls beliefs

Joe believes that psychology has reached the stage where it is ‘every bit as much of a science as acoustics or metallurgy’. It is possible, he says, for the subconscious to be clandestinely influenced to such a degree that people can be ‘tricked’ into killing themselves. Such a system, he asserts, provides the perfect solution for a democracy wanting to remove a small number of people who are predisposed to endanger national security. The system is inherently safe because the public would be unable to comprehend that it was possible.” (page 224)

And that was why Joe Vialls was on the balcony of the Broad Arrow Cafe on the 28th of April 1996, just minutes after the Port Arthur massacre took place. Joe Vialls represented “a democracy wanting to remove a small number of people who were predisposed to endanger national security”

Joe Vialls has claimed ‘victimhood’, but the reality is that it would be impossible for a victim to believe that he should be sacrificed for the benefit of ‘The State’, ergo Joe Vialls can only be ‘The Aggressor’, and the applicant of mind control on the minions to be sacrificed.

Once this book by Tony Collins is read properly and then reread, the role of Joe Vialls becomes obvious. People within the ‘defence industries’ were being murdered, and their deaths were being made to appear to be either accidental or suicide, and the logical suspect for these murders is Joe Vialls.


Joe Vialls and the ‘Wavies’

Another article that refers to Joe Vialls in England is this article from the “Fortean Times” issue 113. The relevant paragraphs are:


Microwave harassment also seems to have contributed to the deaths of twenty five defence scientists variously employed by Marconi Underwater and Defence Systems, Easems, Plessey and GEC. The spate of unconventional deaths and surprise suicides of many of the victims in the mid-1980s (see FT49:14) led researchers such as Tony Collins, author of the acclaimed book Open Verdict, to consider the possibility of mind control. Most of the dead worked on highly sensitive electronic warfare programmes for NATO and the US military, including the Strategic Defence Initiative or ‘Star Wars’. It is claimed that directed energy weapons may have been used to literally drive these men to suicide and bizarre ‘accidents’.

Joe Vialls’ case was first reported in Open Verdict but has since developed to more conspiratorial proportions. Vialls, a former RAF engineer, worked on a sensitive oil drilling operation in India in 1983 when the microwave harassment began. It seems Vialls had been unwittingly involved in an industrial espionage operation allegedly masterminded by the CIA. Vialls suffered from both microwave radiation and post hypnotic suggestions implanted by his unknown controllers.

He was treated by the London based Medical Foundation for the Care of Torture Victims (MFCTV) who found they had ‘no hesitation in declaring that Mr Vialls would be extremely susceptible to clandestine hypnosis and to post hypnotic suggestions of the kinds described in his statements. Vialls’ tale then becomes even stranger. In statements made to Lobster editor Robin Ramsay, Vialls now believes he was programmed to kill WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Peoples’ Bureau in London, 1984.

According to Ramsay, Vialls says he fired on the policewoman from the office of the Hughes Tool Company, a firm long linked to the CIA.

Read the full story of The Wavies in Fortean Times issue 113


Joe Vialls and ‘The Terrorist Factory’

Again, we look at the Joe Vialls article printed in the ‘Nexus Magazine in 1994, called ‘The Terrorist Factory’ in which Joe Vialls claimed that the gunman who shot policewoman Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy whilst under ‘mind control’ was called ‘Otho Jewel’ but Joe Vialls’ proper name is Otho Jewell Vialls. If we consider Joe Vialls’ article; ‘Danger Mind Controllers at work’ that was copyrighted on the 15th of May 2005, and then reproduced by Jim Stone in 2012 together with the book ‘Open Verdict’ , Mark Thornton’s article, ‘Mind Games’ and then Joe Vialls’ article ‘The Terrorist Factory’, there are major conflicts with the article, ‘Danger Mind Controllers at work’!

Why Joe Vialls is continually associated with ‘mind control’? Because that is Joe’s area of expertise. Joe murders people using mind control!

So why did ‘the powers that be’ select Joe Vialls to be the gunman to shoot a policewoman outside the Libyan Embassy so as to blame the death on the Libyans? Because Joe Vialls was already a proven assassin.

Why did ‘the powers that be’ select Joe Vialls to murder those employees of the British Defence Industries? Because Joe Vialls was a proven assassin.

Why did ‘the powers that be’ select Joe Vialls to run the various ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacres in the UK, Australia and New Zealand? Because Joe Vialls was a proven assassin. The method utilised to create these ‘Lone-nut’ gunmen was exactly the same that Joe Vialls used to murder the individuals from the British Defence Industries, mind control.

And thus, once it is understood that there was a ‘professional gunman’ at Dunblane, who did ‘the powers that be’ select to be the gunman? Joe Vialls of course as he was already running that psy-ops.


Joe Vialls is Ari ben Menashe

The historian, Webster Tarpley has stated that both Julian Assange and Anthony Snowden are ‘agents of disinformation’. In 1990 another ‘agent of disinformation’ emerged from the shadows. His name was ‘Ari ben Menashe’.

Menashe gave the world information of how ‘Israel and the American CIA’ ran the ‘Iran Contra affair’. That was old hat. Australians may have been impressed with the knowledge of what the Western Australian Labor ministry under Brian Burke got up to, but again that was old hat, and most of the allegations were uncorroborated.

Ari ben Menashe gave us “Promis”, the secret backdoor entry into every computer, but again that was not really new. But then Ari ben Menashe told us he was present when the head of the CIA, George Bush met with the Iranians in Paris for talks regarding the American Embassy hostages in Tehran.

In 1990, this information in regard to the betrayal of Americans being held prisoners in a hostile country was designed to sabotage President George Bush’s re-election in 1992 and permit a ‘Democrat’, William Jefferson Clinton to become the next American President, and to then bring in an attack upon the 2nd Amendment.

In the epilogue of his book, ‘Profits of War’, Ari ben Menashe offhandedly informs us of his visit in Sydney to the ‘Federal Member of Bennelong’. That was all that was mentioned, but the name of that member was extremely important. The former Treasurer in the Fraser Ministry, little Johnny Howard, suddenly found his political career resurrected with the help of a media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, and in 1996 became Prime Minister of Australia, just in time to bring in the ‘required uniform gun laws’ after the Port Arthur massacre.

[Of course, most people would have forgotten that Prime Minister John Howard was in Washington on the 11th of September 2001 meeting with his good friend, Rupert Murdoch when 911 occurred and was the first politician to inform the world that ‘America had just suffered another Pearl Harbour’.]

Ari ben Menashe then assisted Seymour Hersh with his book, “The Samson Option”, and it was at that stage that Seymour Hersh realised that Ari was a fraud, and stated so.

Craig Unger was another journalist who writing in The Village Voice in July 1992 said of Ben-Menashe: Ari has put five or six dozen journalists from all over the world through roughly the same paces. His seduction begins with a display of his mastery of the trade craft of the legendary Israeli intelligence services. A roll of quarters handy for furtive phone calls, he navigates the back channels that tie the spooks at Langley to their counterparts in Tel Aviv. His astute analysis and mind-boggling revelations can stir even the most jaded old hand of the Middle East … Listen to him, trust him, print his story verbatim — then sit round and watch your career go up in flames.

So Ari ben Menashe scurried back to the backblocks of Western Australia and resumed his normal character of Joe Vialls, as he had done his job.

Ari ben Menashe’s operation was to ensure that the Republican, George Bush would not get a second term in office. That would allow the Democrat, William Jefferson Clinton to gain office and push through the UN mandated gun controls, which were already being tested in Australia and had partial success in the UK.

Ari ben Menashe then disappeared for a time until he was recalled to perform the task of ensuring that Robert Mugabe won the 2002 Zimbabwean elections, and the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai denied the possibility of winning that election.

For this task, a background and history had to be ‘created’ for the major players, this time, Ari ben Menashe and his partner, Alexander Henri Legault. The name of their ‘company’ Dickens and Madson was actually borrowed from one of Joe Vialls’ daughter, Hannah’s textbooks on psychology. The journalist, Brian Hutchinson then wrote the articles informing the world of the ‘criminal antics’ of Menashe and Legault, which in a real world would have resulted in major arrests and trials, but in the world of fabrication were simply ignored.

It has been noted in Hansard that when a member of the Canadian Government requested that the RCMP instigate a proper investigation into the antics of Menashe and Legault that the RCMP failed to make the required investigation. The RCMP simply moved the goal posts.

So what was this ‘prima-facie’ evidence I had that linked Joe Vialls to Ari Ben-Menashe proving that they were one and the same person? It was not that they were both short and rotund, and they both had similar hairlines and ears and fingers, although that may have been enough for some. It was not that they were both con-artists, liars and short-tempered standover thugs, with similar styles of spinning their fairy-tales’. It wasn’t that when Ari was in Harare giving evidence against Morgan Tsvangirai, that Joe Vials was missing in action in Perth and was not able to support his ‘Constitutional mate’, ‘the Strawman’, Leonard William Clampett, though that was a telling point. There was one other piece that was totally telling.

Joe Vialls has always been a very proud father. He told us all that when one of his children was denied a job with the West Australian police due to character concerns, that Joe asked his mates in ASIO and they denied the charge, and then Joe was able to trace the complaint to a local politician, and he had the matter remedied. It was this statement that told us that Joe had to be a spook.

But then in 1998, Joe circulated a letter demonstrating just how good a student his daughter Hannah was in regard to a paper she had written on psychology. What Joe didn’t tell us was that one of Hannah’s textbooks for psychology was a book written by Dickens & Madson. Thus it had to have been Joe Vialls when looking for a name of his new cover company, decided to use the name from one of his daughter’s textbooks. That was something that Ari Ben-Menashe would never have been able to do, as he didn’t have children of a similar age to Hannah, who would have studied psychology.

To negate this accusation, a new website has been produced in regard to the Port Arthur massacre. It is: I received on the 16th of September 2013.When a person clicks on the various chapters within this site, and especially the chapter headed Misconceptions about JOE VIALLS, these pages state “There has been much speculation that Joe Vialls was in fact Ari-Ben Menashe. This article will show that the evidence of this is purely speculatory.”

There is no such article on this site that challenges the belief that Joe Vialls was also Ari ben Menashe. The evidence used to support the belief that Joe and Ari were one and the same is circumstantial, it is not speculation. This site is a typical disinformation exercise!


The Good Doctor! Dr Keith Allan Noble

Dr Keith Allan Noble contacted me via email in August 2012 and stated that it was his intention to write a book about the Port Arthur Massacre, and asked if I would help him. I agreed to do so. Please note, Dr Keith Allan Noble has not written a book, he has simply collated the works of ‘numerous’ authors.

Then Dr Keith Allan Noble rang me and we spoke for quite a length, and Keith made an error of judgement; he told me a lie. I had the impertinence to ask the good doctor if he was a Jew. He replied that he was not a Jew, and thus he had told me a lie!

Dr Keith Allan Noble informed me that he had met Raymond Hoser, the author of two books on Victoria Police Corruption and other works and that he had obtained two books from Raymond. This was another lie. The good doctor later tried to cover up his lie by stating that he had simply spoken to Raymond Hoser via the telephone, but this did not cover the initial lie that the good doctor told me.

I had known Raymond Hoser, a former South African Jew for about three years. Raymond used some of my articles on police corruption, and helped me with my work on the Port Arthur massacre.

Raymond was unable to get his books on Victoria Police Corruption sold through book shops and was thus forced to sell them door to door. In about 2000, Raymond Hoser attended at the Inverell Forum and made a presentation in regard to his books. In 2002 Raymond Hoser attended the Inverell Forum on the Sunday, but at this time he had all of his books printed on a CD, and Raymond gave me a copy of his CD.

For the good doctor to have in his possession two books written by Raymond Hoser, then those books would have been purchased at the Inverell Forum in 2000, but that is not what the doctor told me. I asked the doctor. ‘Who had written the foreword in his book on Victoria Police Corruption’, and the good doctor declined to answer. I had written the foreword in the first book, and Graeme Campbell the Independent member for Kalgoorlie had written the foreword for the second book.

Dr Keith Allan Noble then stated to me that he had read the articles by Joe Vialls and that he distrusted Joe Vialls, which pleased me at the time, but after mulling the conversation over, I started to have more doubts. You see, even though Joe Vialls’ articles on the actual massacre were flawed and followed the government line, some of his articles were very revealing. Joe’s comments in regard to the sounds of the AR-15 being discharged inside the Broad Arrow Cafe travelling at Mach 3 (3 times the speed of sound) was ludicrous, but his comments about ‘speaking to his mates at ASIO’ were indeed most revealing, but the best work by Joe Vialls was on the criminal harassment of the Hobart gun-dealer, Terry Hill, by the DPP, Damian Bugg, the solicitor, John Avery, and the Tasmania Police Hierarchy was spot on. So what was the only excerpt from Joe’s writing that are on ? Only the article about the gun dealer, Terry Hill.

Dr Keith Allan Noble has produced an epic tome of 718 pages on the ‘Port Arthur Massacre’ that occurred on the 28th of April 1996 and after. It is then interrupted by stories from the far left of what the good doctor calls government killings. It is virtually unreadable. It is the article written by the WSWS (World Socialist Web Site) that gives us the clue as to what is going on.

If you consider Mark Delmege’s words (on page 6 of this article) “RAIDING PARTY ENTRISM”, that is exactly what has occurred. Dr Keith Allan Noble has moved in to take over the opposition to the ‘Coalition for Gun Control’ in Australia. However, this tactic is not only used by Marxists or Trotskyites as the author, M. Minnicino tells us in his article “Low Intensity Operations: The Reesian Theory of War”. This type of tactic has been used by Police Special Branches and Intelligence groups since before WW2. So just exactly who or what is Dr Keith Allan Noble? Is he a Trotskyite or a spook? Actually he is both!

At 9.36am on Wednesday the 6th of December, 2012, I received an email from Dr Keith Allan Noble with the simple message “SEE JOE VIALLS BELOW” followed by a link to a news article from the Montreal Gazette.

In Montreal time, it was still Tuesday the 5th of December, and the article was in regard to the residence of ‘Ari Ben Menashe’ being totally destroyed after a supposed arson attack, possibly by Mossad.

Dr Keith Allan Noble has already informed me of his belief that Joe Vialls and his articles on the Port Arthur massacre are badly flawed and he would not use them. Thus why would the good doctor interrupt his work on ‘his book’ to view a news article on ‘Ari Ben Menashe’ who has absolutely nothing to do with the Port Arthur massacre per se? Furthermore, why would Dr Keith Allan Noble forward this information to me in such a format?

This piece of information is best looked at within Webster Tarpley’s theories as a ‘highly sophisticated, disinformation project’. The Montreal Gazette has simply announced that Ari Ben Menashe has been made ‘operational’ again. It is though what Dr Keith Allan Noble has told me that becomes the meat.

The whole article is simply about re-establishing the background of ‘Ari Ben Menashe’, and there is of course no mention of Joe Vialls, nor should there be any mention. For people who are aware that Joe Vialls and Ari Ben Menashe are one and the same, again there is no reason to call Joe Vialls Ari, or vice versa.

What Dr Keith Allan Noble has told me with this email was that he was aware of the fact that Joe Vialls was Ari Ben Menashe; in fact, Keith was not just aware of this fact, he was certain of it and wished to endorse my belief of this fact. This was another error brought about by ego. There was only one way that Dr Keith Allan Noble could be certain that Joe Vialls was Ari Ben Menashe, and that was for Keith Noble to be Joe Vialls.

There was another little aspect worth consideration; if Dr Keith Allan Noble was in Vienna as claimed, and writing so diligently to produce his latest work, exactly how was he able to obtain the article written by Brian Hutchinson so quickly?

The answer to this question is actually answered by the books Dr Keith Allan Noble sent to the Australian authors, ‘Find Falconio’ and ‘Corrupt to the Core’. These books, had they been printed in Vienna, the supposed residence of Dr Keith Allan Noble, they would have been printed on the International paper size, ‘A4’. However these books were printed in the American format which is slightly smaller than ‘A4’, and measures 8 ¼ inches X 11 inches.

In simple words, this demonstrates that Dr Keith Allan Noble is not resident in Vienna, but in the USA or Canada.

In other words Dr Keith Allan Noble = Ari Ben Menashe = Joe Vialls!


The Good Doctor and the Strawman, Leonard William Clampett

In 2001 when Joe Vialls was obliged to go missing he passed his ‘Martin Bryant is innocent” project into the ‘capable’ hands of Leonard William Clampett. Clampett then called the project ‘TIMBIP’ (The International Martin Bryant Innocent Project) and really got up the nose of Dr Joanne D Eisen of New York. What this demonstrates is a major connection between Joe Vialls and Leonard William Clampett

On the 14th of June 2013, Leonard William Clampett sent me this email.

On 14/06/2013 10:21 PM, Totally self contained unknown free range celebrity. wrote:

For the whackos,

Here is Keith’s CV.

CURRICULUM VITAE KEITH ALLAN NOBLE Biodata born (Cairns, 1951) and raised (Tully) in Australia; worked and/or studied in Canada (Pembroke, Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa) and Europe (London, Mannheim, Seulberg, Vienna); married, no children; retired Education Ph.D. University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada; 1992 M.Ed. University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada; 1984 B.Sc. Dalhousie University; Halifax, Canada; 1981 Profession (Education & Health 1972-2001) International University Services, Seulberg, Germany (Director & Representative) City University; Mannheim, Germany (European Director – English Language Program) University of London; London, United Kingdom (Research Officer – Institute of Education) University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada (Graduate Lecturer – Faculty of Education) Canadian Heart Foundation; Ottawa, Canada (National Education Coordinator – Public Health) Alberta Community Health; Edmonton, Canada (Health Educator – Environmental Health) etc. Books (see,, 2013/14 PORT ARTHUR ATROCITY (working title) 2012 Classic Quotes 500BCE-CE500 (forthcoming) 2011 FIND! FALCONIO – Dead or Alive (2nd edition 2012) 2010 CORRUPT TO THE CORE 2001 THAT WOMAN: Lies, Damned Lies & Clintonisms 1999 living LATIN 1999 Quiet Desperation (novel) 1998 Two Hearts That Beat As One (novel) 1998 God, Gods & Goddesses 1997 Perfekter Service in 7 Tagen 1997 DIANA: Die Rose Englands 1996 Damit der Kunde K?nig wird (softcover) 1995 International Education Quotations Encyclopaedia 1994 Rezession als Chance 1994 Changing Doctoral Degrees 1993 Damit der Kunde K?nig wird (hardcover) Address Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7 1030 Wien, ?sterreich (Vienna, Austria) tel/fax: 43-1-9712401 AUGUST 2012


From: Totally self contained unknown free range celebrity. []
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 5:20 PM
Cc: Leon Adriana; Eureka; Andrew S MacGregor
Subject: RE: PA massacre book to reveal astonishing new facts.

G’day Rosco,

Yes, another heap of crap. This Joe Vialls character was supposed to have died a few years ago and I was supposed to have been his puppet or something or other. Not having ever met him or done other than read a book he allegedly wrote I wonder where the conspiratorialists get the weird ideas.

I have known of Keith Noble since you told me about him donkeys years ago.


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Subject: Re: PA massacre book to reveal astonishing new facts


What a heap of horseshit. Keith Noble originates from Innisfail in North Queensland. I suggest you read his first book about the suspicious death of his aunty in that town. He works for an overseas company(not the bloody CIA or ASIO) and has been living in Austria for years. Qld Police tried to have him arrested and extradited for exposing Qld’s huge police corruption problem. He appeared in an Austrian court four years ago and produced all the evidence. Austrian authorities told Qld’s bent coppers to go to hell. Rosco

Now this becomes extremely interesting! Leonard William Clampett fails to identify himself to his fellow writers, Mel, Leon Adriana and Eureka, and then in the email with is sent to MEL, Leonard calls MEL, Rosco, but then Rosco is actually eureka. And then Leonard William Clampett makes this statement; “I have known of Keith Noble since you told me about him donkeys years ago.”

Just exactly what is this telling us? For a start, Leonard is telling us he only knows ‘of Keith Noble’. Leonard is stating that like Joe Vialls, he has never met Dr Keith Allan Noble, but then tells us it was Rosco who was the source of that knowledge. Then Leonard produces Dr Keith Allan Noble’s CV.

What does Dr Keith Allan Noble’s CV as per Leonard W. Clampett tell us? It tells us that Noble was born in Cairns in 1951, that he grew up in Tully, that he worked and studied in Canada, he is retired and that his first book was written in 1993 (Damit der Kunde Knig wird).

So we now look at what ‘Rosco’ tells us. Keith Noble originates from Innisfail; his ‘first’ book about the suspicious death of his aunty in ‘that’ town; he works for an overseas company (not the CIA or ASIO); he has been living in Austria for years.

Leonard Clampett has told us that his source of knowledge on Dr Keith Allan Noble was ‘Rosco’, yet Rosco doesn’t know where Noble was born, the name of his aunt (Hilda Evens) or where she died (Tully), the name of the book written in regard to this matter (Corrupt to the Core), or that Noble is retired.

Rosco then tries to tell us that Queensland Police tried to have Dr Keith Allan Noble arrested and extradited for ‘exposing Queensland’s huge police corruption problem, and supposedly appeared in court four years ago. There Dr Keith Allan Noble produced all of the evidence, and the Austrian authorities declined to act on the extradition. And all of this is pure hogswash, as the book ‘Corrupt to the Core was only published in 2010!

Furthermore, police can only extradite on serious criminal matters, not on the civil matters of slander and libel.

So what is going on! This email put out by ‘the Strawman’ Leonard William Clampett is disinformation at its best. The first clue is that although the email is addressed to ‘Rosco’, the email address is actually ‘MEL’s email address.

Rosco’s email name and address; eureka [mailto: eureka] is fraudulent, but it gives Leonard W Clampett the air of authenticity while passing on his disinformation. What is really interesting though is that the book, ‘Corrupt to the Core is supposedly from the ‘Eureka Stockade’ series.


The book: Corrupt to the Core

Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower[Paperback]

Publication Date: August 12, 2009| ISBN-10: 097319457X | ISBN-13: 978-0973194579

Dr. Shiv Chopra s name has become synonymous with food safety. To protect the integrity of our food, he has waged many battles against a succession of Canadian Prime Ministers and federal ministries of health. He refused to approve various harmful drugs to be used in meat and milk production. He defied governmental gag orders, spoke publicly to the media, and testified at many Senate and parliamentary committees. Time and again the courts supported Dr. Chopra and ruled against government attempts to silence him. Also, time and again the government allowed dangerous drugs, agricultural practices, and carcinogenic pesticides to enter the food supply. Here is the full account of how government corruption endangers the food supply and how Dr. Chopra and his colleagues continue to speak the truth. Most importantly, this book contains a blueprint for the establishment of food safety and security throughout the world.

And all the time you were thinking that the book was about Queensland Police corruption.


Joe Vialls and ‘Open Verdict’, Joe Vialls and Mini Nukes and Jim Stone

In at least two article penned by Joe Vialls, Joe has claimed to have been the gunman that murdered PWC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in 1984 whilst under ‘mind control’. In the book, ‘Open Verdict’ by Tony Collins which features a number of bizarre and unexplained deaths of British scientists working on ‘electronic warfare’, Joe Vialls apparent susceptibility to ‘mind control’ has been used to highlight the possibility that many of the cases mentioned in this book may have perished via similar concoctions. The fact that many of these scientists were working on systems possibly connected with Ronal Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ programs was also highlighted.

With the last of these suspected deaths being that of Brigadier Peter Ferry which occurred in September 1988, we then look to Joe Vialls migration to Perth in Western Australia.

Harry Mason in his article on ‘Bright Skies’ then informs us of the ‘Electro-Magnetic’ Scalar weapon tests that occurred in Western Australia from 1989 to 1996,[ earthquake.htm ] and the earthquake that struck Kobe in January 1995. Then with the ‘French’ testing their ‘Atomic bombs’ on the Mururoa Atoll in 1995/6, what we have is the continuation of Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ project that the British scientists were working on in the 1980’s

This then explains Joe Vialls presence at Perth at this time and later, his ability to report on the ‘Mini Nukes’ he said were used in the Bali bombs at Kuta and then the tsunami that struck Aceh. What Joe Vialls meant by ‘Mini-nukes’ though was actually ‘Electro-Magnetic’ weapons that could be used for anything from weather control to earthquakes to ‘Atomic’ bombs without the radiation. It also explains Joe Vialls three main topics in his articles; (1) The Port Arthur Massacre, (2) mind control and (3) ‘Mini-nukes’ or Electro-Magnetic weapon systems.

Joe Vialls has now created Dr Keith Allan Noble to take control of and lead the anti-Coalition for Gun Control agenda, but who has he created to lead his other main disinformation programs? Jim Stone of course!

Immediately following the earthquake/tsunami that struck Japan on the 11th of March 2011 various reports by reputable people made the connection between HAARP and Fukushima. What was needed to counteract these reports was for a new ‘Investigative journalist’ with connections to all the right places. On the 13th of June 2011, Natural News introduced that man to the world, Jim Stone!

(NaturalNews) What if the alleged 9.0+ magnitude mega earthquake that was said to have hit off the coast of Japan back on March 11 never actually happened, and the resultant tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was actually a deliberate, false flag attack using nuclear weapons? Freelance journalist Jim Stone offers compelling evidence that the official story we have all been told concerning the disaster is a phony cover-up for a concerted attack against Japan, possibly for offering to enrich uranium for Iran. Learn more:

Jim Stone moved the centre of the earthquake and resultant tsunami, then reduced its actual size, and then brought in evidence that the Fukushima nuclear power plant had also been struck by the ‘Stuxnet Virus’, the same computer virus that had struck the Iranian nuclear power plants in the previous year. Nobody ever asked Jim where and how he actually obtained this information.

The really interesting part of Jim Stone’s explanation of the actual damage to the Fukushima Nuclear plant is that it was damaged by ‘nuclear bombs’ placed in the reactor rooms by an ‘Israeli’ inspection team. Well there goes the need for the ‘Stuxnet Virus’. What most people forgot was that HAARP was extremely capable of creating both the disasters that struck Fukushima, the earthquake/tsunami as well as the attack on the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

To corroborate his hypothesis, Jim Stone then introduced Joe Vialls article on the Aceh earthquake/tsunami, with the ‘Mini-Nukes’ story

What is interesting is that the epicentre of the Aceh Tsunami as per Joe Vialls would restrict the tsunami from striking Thailand.

So, on the 11th March2011, there is the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami. On the 13th June 2011, Jim Stone is introduced to the world, and then on the 19th September 2011 there is the Norwegian ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre.

On the 20th July 2012, there was the Aurora Theatre massacre, and again there was an upsurge in articles negating the government story. On the 19th September 2012 Jim Stone again refers back to Joe Vialls, but this time on ‘mind control’. []

At the start of this article, Jim Stone has written, “This is the last significant report Vialls ever did. When I saw this, I knew he would not be around to complete the other parts.

This article represented by Jim Stone raises one of the biggest questions ever on the character of Joe Vialls. Joe Vialls claims to have been ‘brainwashed’ as per the book, “Open Verdict”, in the article written by Mark Thornton for the West Australian in 1990, called “Mind Games”, and in the Nexus article of 1994 called “The Terrorist Factory”. So what do we have in “Danger Mind Controllers at work”?

“It is impossible to know whether these poor deluded folk really believe they can hear loud abusive voices in their heads, or whether they and their delusions are deliberately and cynically used by government, to deflect away from very real illegal and immoral mind control techniques, which are currently fully operational, and used against approximately 65% of all English-speaking residents in the western world.”


The Death of Michael Hastings

In the book “Open Verdict” David Sands death is mentioned on page 82.

“The cause of 37-year-old David Sands’s road crash was never established. When the police found his burning car embedded in the wall of a solitary, disused building at the side of a long straight road, they were baffled. On the morning of Monday, 30 March 1987 he got into his well maintained Austin Maestro car and set off at about seven o’clock on his usual journey from his home in Itchen Abbas near Winchester, to Easams in Camberley, Surrey.”

“In the slip road he crashed into a boarded up Little Chef cafe at a speed estimated to have been about eighty miles per hour. The car exploded into flames and police later found two cans which had each contained five gallons of petrol, in the boot of the wrecked car.”

In “Danger Mind Controllers at work” we have:

“This actually happened, and there was very nearly hell to pay, but in the end the matter was settled with hard cash and a handful of meaningless laws. For a large consideration and a new Mercedes convertible, the aggrieved scientist who discovered the technique by accident, agreed to a cover story that the tachistoscope was only used for one experimental film run, involving subliminal prompts to buy Coke and popcorn, but was not terrible successful. The Mercedes convertible was involved in a high speed accident and fireball just two months later. There were no survivors.”

Then in regards to Michael Hastings death on the 16th June 2013 we have this from

UPDATE: It seems to me that Hastings may have been dead, his car parked there, and then blown up with him in it. This is because the flames are way too fresh for the car to have been there long, there is no impact damage where the car “struck the tree” to cause a gas tank explosion, and there are no flames on the road behind the car to indicate it was blown up while it was moving. Keep in mind that the Loudlabs report is fake and not consistent with the original news reports which have been expunged.

This appears to be a classic mafia hit, where you are killed and then burned in a car to hide the evidence. In this case, they obviously used a bomb to blow the gas tank as evidenced by the fact that the rear portion of the car is blown open and shredded with the rest of the car nicely intact, read the initial analysis below. And obviously, there was no high speed crash as reported by the lie factory. I will be working on this throughout the day.

What Jim Stone has done here is to direct the reader’s attention away from the most obvious facts. While Michael Hastings’ Mercedes Benz coupe has ended up against a tree on the street’s median strip, the motor was approximately 200 yards down to street. This means that a device exploded pushing the motor away from the engine compartment of the Mercedes Benz with great force. As per Newton’s second law, the force pushing the engine forward away from the car would have also impacted on the car itself, depriving the vehicle of some of its forward velocity.

This area is a ‘residential area’ and as such there are speed limits, and Michael Hastings was a law-biding person, so there is no reason to suspect any high speed. After the explosion that separated the motor of the Mercedes Benz from the rest of the vehicle, the vehicles speed would have been reduced, and without the engine, there would have been no drive to keep the Mercedes propelled forward, and thus the Mercedes Benz would simply have been ‘rolling’ until such time as it was forced to slow down, as in striking a kerb, and then stop when it reached an immovable object, to wit, the tree.

Again, the device that separated the engine of the Mercedes Benz from the engine compartment may not have been sufficient to kill the driver of this vehicle. Of course the fuel line would have been ruptured, but again that does not necessarily lead to the spilling fuel being ignited. Had the bomb also destroyed the car’s battery, there would be no electrical discharge to create a spark to ignite the leaking fuel. In other words, had Michael Hastings survived the bomb blast, he could have escaped from his vehicle.

Motor cars have been known to have collisions. They are normally called accidents. Motor cars collide with other vehicles, large and small, they collide with trees, or walls, or fences or any kind of object on or near a carriageway. What is the one thing most motor cars involved in accidents do not do? Burst into flame! But when a vehicle does burst into flame after an accident, the driver frequently has time to escape. The people who cannot escape are those trapped in their cars. There is no evidence whatsoever that Michael Hastings was trapped in his Mercedes Benz coupe!

Again let us consider the fuel line leading from the petrol tank to the engine. The fuel line does not travel through the passenger compartment of the vehicle but underneath the floor of the vehicle. The petrol tank is normally fitted within the trunk of the vehicle as far away from danger as possible. Again modern fuel tanks are manufactured with a self sealing system in case of accidents.

Exactly how does one cause a car to burst into flames? The answer is to use an accelerant. Petrol in a fuel tank is not a good accelerant, nor is petrol properly stored in 5 gallon fuel containers tucked safely away in the trunk when a car drives into a building at high speed as per David Sands fatal accident. The accelerant is required to be within the passenger compartment of the vehicle, and needs to be undetectable by the persons seated within.

When the photograph of Michael Hastings’ burning Mercedes Benz coupe is properly studied, what a person sees is that the entire vehicle is engulfed by flames, but mostly from the interior of the vehicle, and the flames are quite hot. This tells us that the ‘fuel’ feeding the fire is inside the vehicle as well as from under the vehicle (fuel line) and in the engine compartment. There is also some gray/white clouds of smoke above the engine compartment, but no sign of any black wisps of smoke that comes from burning petrol.

Jim Stone tells us that this appears to be a classic mafia hit! Only in Hollywood are such fictions told, but the classic ‘car bomb’, used by Hollywood, the mafia and the IRA was a bomb complete with an electrical detonator wired up to the ignition.

What we have with Michael Hastings death, which is almost identical with that of David Sands death on the 30th March 1987, is a main and secondary bomb that allowed the vehicles to travel away from where the bombs were planted so as to eliminate any trace of where and by whom the bombs were planted.

The question that should be raised is; “Why is Jim Stone behaving like a ‘gatekeeper’ for those that murdered Michael Hastings”? The answer is because Jim Stone is Joe Vialls!

If we go back to what Tony Collins told us of Joe Vialls, then we have the answer.

Joe believes that psychology has reached the stage where it is ‘every bit as much of a science as acoustics or metallurgy’. It is possible, he says, for the subconscious to be clandestinely influenced to such a degree that people can be ‘tricked’ into killing themselves. Such a system, he asserts, provides the perfect solution for a democracy wanting to remove a small number of people who are predisposed to endanger national security. The system is inherently safe because the public would be unable to comprehend that it was possible.”

Which ‘Democracy’ was it that wanted to remove Michael Hastings? What threat was Michael Hastings to ‘national security’? Does this ‘murderous system’ continue to be ‘inherently safe’? Was it Jim Stone/Joe Vialls that murdered Michael Hastings? Is that why Jim Stone/Joe Vialls has fled to Mexico?



Otho Jewell (Joe) Vialls has been involved in murder since 1973 (Robert McClean Wilson as per Open Verdict). He has murdered Britons, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Americans, and God knows how many other people. His main weapon is ‘mind control’, but other tools have been firearms in the agenda to have such weapons removed from the general public. His aliases have been Ari ben Menashe, Dr Keith Allan Noble and lately Jim Stone. He usually uses the bureaucratic approach to confuse people by presenting copious quantities of ‘documentary’ evidence to support his lies, as per any little conman. He is a consummate liar and a braggart and like most conmen relies on people taking him on his word. I wonder as to how much longer he will continue to be employed by ‘Democracies’?


Andrew S. MacGregor