An Australian Lawyer courageously focuses on Holocaust Studies in light of Section 18C’s proposed changes.

[warning]An Australian Lawyer courageously focuses on Holocaust Studies in light of Section 18C’s proposed changes – as well as the Toben case -.[/warning]

Repeal_S.18C (12-25)

Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council

Dear Sir/Madam


Attached is my submission to the Attorney-General George Brandis regarding proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (RDA).


There is a study in the submission relating to breaches of Sec 18C in the Teaching the Holocaust subject in schools as the course is currently structured.  The subject needs a complete overhaul under Sec 18C as the legislation currently stands, in my view. 


I would look forward to a response from you in relation to my submission.  I have copied Frederick Toben into this email (although I do not know him at all), as you have given him much attention in your submission, and I have also referred briefly to the Toben case –   I have also copied in Michael Danby MP as I had a bit of involvement with him when I was President of the ALP Elwood Branch (Vic) located in his electorate.


The debate of Sec 18 C and the Jewish lobby’s vocal opposition to the proposed amendments has gained much attention.  As a consequence I have tried to better understand the vested interests of various lobby groups opposing the progressive reform legislation, and have in particular focused on the Jewish perspective as most pundits seem to be doing.  So please bear with me in that regard.


For your information I am of the view that the Federal government will proceed with amending S.18(C), but possibly tweak the defences. Despite all the hysteria from vested interest groups, this will actually bring the Federal legislation more into line with Victorian legislation, UNLESS Victorian Premier Napthine is ‘SECRETLY’ proposing to clamp down on free speech in Victoria to satisfy entities such as yourself, by bringing Victorian legislation into line with the current Federal Sec 18(C) whilst maintaining Victoria’s criminal sanctions. And if that were to be the case, then innocent people could be looking at jail time, like in Europe.  So let’s hope politicians give this matter very serious consideration.


Trevor Poulton

Barristers & Solicitors


Doc: Section 18(C) Trevor Poulton