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Hitler in Argentina: The Documented Truth of Hitler’s Escape from Berlin (The Hitler Escape Trilogy)

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This review is from: Hitler in Argentina: The Documented Truth of Hitler’s Escape from Berlin (The Hitler Escape Trilogy) (Paperback)


Hitler in Argentina Preliminary Comment

For those who uncritically want to believe what is in this book, then its content is a God-send; for those who want to hate the information in the book, it is a nightmare; for those who want to know the facts, well, there are precedents of such survivor books in the form of Holocaust Survivor stories, for example,

the Misha Defonseca case has just come to public attention again

Bearing the above in mind, I must admit I approached the book with two prominent biases: 1. I asked the author, Harry Cooper, for a review copy primarily because I liked David Dees’ attractive front cover, and 2. As this book includes the material that gave rise to the idea of Hitler and his entourage escaping the Berlin “suicide” bunker, as depicted in Escape from the Bunker – which I have not read and which is included in this volume – I would certainly hope to be able to trace the development of the escape hypothesis as told to Harry Cooper by the German Spanish spy, Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco.
Before starting on the book, a friend asked me a basic question: If someone crafted a lengthy false Holocaust memoir from a made-up Jew who “proved” that the Holocaust never happened—and it convinced 100 million people the Holocaust never happened—would you support that?

My response was: If a book about matters Holocaust appears by an author called Luap Legna, then I shall get a copy and see if I can crack the code, i.e. to find out whether the story is fiction, fact or faction – and especially since 9/11, et al, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to ascertain those significant undercurrents of truth.

And then we do need to be aware of the tactics used by those upholding PC doctrines, those who label their critics as conspiracy theorists so as to melodramatise their works as a “mad, demented conspiracy theory. This occurred on 23 May 2014 in a story headline involving a former Australian Prime Minister:
CLAIMS from Malcolm Fraser that Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty in June 1967 is a “mad, demented conspiracy theory”, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) national chairman Mark Leibler said this week. –

Interestingly, Fraser has always been a good friend of Israel, and his comment follows soon after another good friend of Israel, former Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, in his autobiography: Bob Carr: Diary of a Foreign Minister, dropped his bomb-shell about Australia’s Foreign Ministry being controlled by the Israel lobby mainly from Melbourne

It is thus always suspicious when individuals use the conspiracy theory phrase with a view to shutting down a discussion because those trying to stop an open discussion are thereby merely covering up their own conspiratorial mindset. Truth does not need a conspiracy wherein to flourish.
Of course, an obvious difficulty confronts those writing history while various national archives are still locking up important documents. Harry Cooper claims that he received numerous newly declassified documents from individual researchers that now fill the gaps of the Hitler escape story.
Unfortunately, during the 1990s I met a man in the USA whose home is full of all sorts of documents – and he is able to manufacture on demand any written document needed to fill the gap within any historical narrative that would then slant the narrative to the wished-for conclusion.

Remember, Professor Arthur Butz, in his The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, mentions the Donation of Constantine, the written document that the Papacy used to prove the Roman Emperor bequeathed his empire to Christendom! Not until the printing press was invented and individuals gained access to church-unmediated information – perhaps in the Heideggerian sense – did this massive forgery fall apart. Fortunately, our current 21st Century’s Internet age offers us a similar opportunity to find the truth of an asserted matter quite independently of the Politically Correct pressures that inevitably and of necessity get to work to stop any enquiry into the truth of an historical matter. The valiant Revisionists, who literally risked their lives to research the Holocaust narrative, attest to that. It is also wise to remember the words of German physicist Max Planck who stated that factual truths are those that can be measured, and to that I add – and the rest is opinion.

The above musings are influencing my reading of Harry Cooper’s book. Now let’s start this review by focusing on its basic classification: FORM and CONTENT.



This is a paperback edition of 304 pages, printed in Charleston, SC, on 03 April 2014, and published by Sharkhunters International, PO Box 1539, Hernando, FL 34441 –
I would have liked to have seen this printing information on a separate page where the usual Catalogue in Publication data is given. The ISBN number 9 781495 936067 appears on the back page on the bar code. Why not also have it prominently displayed with additional information about the book’s formal classification into fact or fiction?

I recall how Australian author Thomas Kenneally’s Schindler’s Ark – later in 1994 to become Stephen Spielberg’s Schindler’s List – initially was classified as factual/historical, until Ernst Zündel protested, and which led to its re-classification as fiction.

I wish Harry Cooper had asked Germar Rudolf to set the book because visually it confuses and looks untidy. Some basic proof-reading would fix irritating errors, for example the mixing of the plural and possessive use of the apostrophe is annoying, as in 1940s and 1940’s, the former is plural, of the decade, while the latter is singular, of 1940.

The Contents page is also in need of restructuring – it is titled Escape from the Bunker and ends with Part Seven, which I assume is the first section before we move into the Hitler in Argentina story. The Afterword lists “Detailed proof” but then at page126 it states “PART VIII Details and Proof” – and so it moves into the Argentine story.

And for the next print run there should also be a detailed INDEX of persons and places.
Pale photocopies of documents are difficult to read that a little formatting with brightness/contrast would have fixed.

What is also irritable is that most photos and documents carry the stamp on them, but then, for example, at pages 160 there is a group photo that includes Adolf Eichmann, which is billed as an “exclusive to Sharkhunters” without the imprint. Then at page 252 there is a group photo where men and women are gathered for a birthday celebration with the room displaying two swastika banners and a hovering Eagles over a photo of Adolf Hitler. Such matters are a worry, but then I can understand that if sources need to be protected on account of the professional “Nazi Hunters” still foaming at the mouth for action against individuals, some sources have to remain anonymous. That these thug-like agents of hatred and injustice are still actively pursuing old men is evident from the 20 May 2014 news item headed: 20 former guards of Nazi death camp to face charges. All 20 suspects still live in Germany after serving as guards at Majdanek. Investigators still examining 1000 others who may have been former Nazis.,7340,L-4521828,00.html

The overall advice for the FORM section is: Please, before the next print-run, find an editor who will produce a book that does not visually irritate.


The 26 officers’ training points listed under Fähnrich! are true words of wisdom that confirms how German officers were imbued with sound moral values, which should be reproduced in a future newsletter.

The story of Hitler’s escape emerged during the 1980s when Spaniard Don Angel Alcasar de Velasco began writing to Harry Cooper about his experiences, and since that time other men have confirmed his story by referencing it through material obtained from files belonging to the CIA, FBI, OSS, National Archives, STASI, etc.

I worried when at p223 Colonia Dignidad appeared in the narrative because I visited this village now called Villa Baviera. This visit cost me friendships because I could not confirm that in this rural village setting there were Aufmärsche of National Socialists ready to take on the world as soon as the USA destroyed itself. Ingrid Rimland-Zündel, particularly, lavished biting criticism on my emails sent from Colonia Dignidad-Villa Bavariera in 2004.

And I could not confirm that UFOs were flying food from there to the Antarctic base of Neu Schwabenland.

What I did find was a German settlement begun during the 1960s that indeed had a radio transmitter and air strip together with a hospital – and anything else you would find in an almost self-contained farming community. When a refugee from the Pinochet government tried to seek refuge there, he was refused help because the community did not wish to become involved in political matters. After Pinochet was deposed, this refugee had become a member of the new parliament – and began to hound the German community there. The SS rumour emerged because many members were receiving German pension checks that they deposited in their local bank accounts. This attack on things German increased and even the German Hospital in Santiago seemed to be at pains to eliminate any visual references to it being a German-funded hospital.

I mention this story because it fits into the narrative that Harry Cooper is presenting on the influence Germans have had in Argentina in building a home from home. And it is a fact that many Germans fled Germany and took refuge in South America and elsewhere in the world – and re-built their small communities within a larger foreign environment. A similar story can be told about so-called “overseas Germans” all over the world where they settled, especially after World War Two.

That such individuals had to be careful in concealing their war-time activities is attested to the existence of the pathological self-proclaimed “Nazi hunters” such as Dr Ephraim Zuroff.

If you think about it, with still no peace treaty any German is fair game – and that kind of hunting game is pathetic, especially when a person is then brought to trial, as was Adolf Eichmann, who Cooper claims did not have the money to retain a protective cordon around himself.

And like the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, the kind of justice handed down is no justice because relevant defences were rejected, except to create new offences for which there was no defence.
It is much like our Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act where anything at all presented in court is likely to offend or insult, and then this fact of someone feeling hurt will also prove that the person causing the offence has no good faith in having done the act that caused the offence.

Cooper also mentions Priebke’s extradition to Italy as another example of proof for his story. Again, it’s plausible because the generational change would also have impacted on such communities, especially if we recall how Hermann Goering’s daughter in the USA celebrated herself because she had sterilised herself on account of not wishing to give birth to the monstrosity of evil from which she herself emerged.
Many German immigrant families all over the world had children who decried their own fathers’ activities because they believed in the countless lies that are found in the Holocaust-Shoah narrative.

Harry Cooper’s book in parts gives comfort to those who wish to believe that the Third Reich’s Adolf Hitler and company did escape and lived out their lives in Argentina.

For others, like FG Kausch, Hitler was killed by Jewish operatives in the Bunker, and such a story makes sense, especially if we recall the recent past where the Anglo-Americans in their war games have killed the likes of Saddam Husein, Mohamad Ghadaffi, Osama bin Laden, and more. Even now many Middle Easteners believe it was a double of Saddam who was hanged, and we know from Indian newspaper reports – if true – that bin laden died in 2001 and was not killed and his ashes scattered over the sea by a crack Seal-team, who all later died in a helicopter crash – so the subsequent media reports.

In the section Why Didn’t “They” Go After Him? Cooper gives the narrative a US view-point, which means that Germans were absorbed within the US establishment and became part of the industrial complex. This, of course, is exploited by critics, not by Cooper, as proof that the Bush family, et al., are the current NAZIS.

Thus, in essence, the story told by Harry Cooper is an excellent and plausible story for those who wish to believe that Adolf Hitler deserted his people and like many so-called dictators fled the scene, as did Idi Amin, and a host of others who then seek refuge in, for example nice civilized Switzerland. And Martin Bormann, a circumcised Jew according to the book – as was Eichmann, so Cooper – was ready to bring back Adolf Hitler, but conditions in Germany were not propitious for such a return.

There is no absolute proof that this escape and planned return happened on account of archives still being closed. For example, the Vatican has sanctified its two previous popes but is still not sanctifying Pope Pius XII because of his war-time activity, and perhaps because of his role in helping National Socialists escape to South America after the war. However, Pope Innocent is currently favouring curry with the Jews by visiting the Holy Land and having committed himself to visiting the State of Palestine – and he will also lay a wreath on the grave of Theodor Hertzel, the founder of Israel. According to one German historian the founder of Israel, however, was Adolf Hitler.

If you are interested in such further speculations, then the book is a good read, and so contact Harry Cooper at:

Fredrick Töben,

Adelaide 25 May 2014.

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