Ongoing problems of section 18C of the RDAC



Bert, thanks for this – I don’t seem to be getting through to Peter’s email so I cannot send him a copy of this item because they bounce. If you can, please forward this to him.

1. Peter Myers is a foolish Trotskyite who believes his own propaganda and thus still seeks scapegoating as a way out of facing up to the crimes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. – see attached newsletter and the article written by Jonas Alexis. Peter still refers to Zionists instead of naming the group by its real name: organized Jewry – the Holocaust-Shoah is a Jewish-run propaganda matter, but not only. As we saw with Putin’s Russia imposing Holocaust laws, it is also in the interest of others to retain the Post-World-War Two order by running with the Holocaust dogma. Even the re-educated German nation is running with it.

2. I advised him that I had nothing to do with media publicly bringing Section 18C in line with Holocaust Revisionism.

3. I made submissions to the Senate and to the A-G on the issue but my submissions were not publicly displayed, though they were available on Adelaide Institute’s website.

4. It was the Fairfax lefties which brought it into the open with its front-page article in both The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

5. For my defamation action against The Australian and Senator Christine Milner, which is not linked to the Section 18C controversy I did ask Peter whether he would like to be a witness in the matter, which he declined, something I fully understand because for obvious reasons of fear of consequences. In any case, although the article that gave rise to this action is still on-line, I don’t think he actually read the article.

6. It was Senator Christine Milne who raised the matter in the Senate –

7. Finally, Peter stated ‘I told him so’, which is typical of Peter’s mindset. Although he is also getting on in years he still has not realized that you cannot tell an adult anything except you can advise, inform, suggest, recommend, but Peter’s tone alone is jarring and what he says lacks the delicacy of wisdom. I don’t think he would understand what Immanuel Kant was saying when he stated: Two things move me: the starry heaven above me and the moral law within me. The moral law and love are two concepts I have not heard Peter use.

Thanks again for passing this on.

Best wishes.

Fredrick Töben


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