Vincent Reynouard on The Massacre at Charlie Hebdo: The Unsuspected Reason

Vincent Reynouard on The Massacre at Charlie Hebdo: The Unsuspected Reason


Dear Eric,

I read your article and I must say that most of your argument is quite correct. What goes round, comes round. The people who caused some 1,5 million Iraqis to be slaughtered plus some 60 000 Libyans and 200 000 Syrians, plus the continuous murder of Palestinians in their own land, cannot complain if the pigeons are coming home to roost. However, there is always the question : Cui Bono? Who benefits?

In 1945, a Prof. Hooton from Harvard University proposed to interbreed the German population with all types of people. As part of the process, Germany would be forced to accept anybody of any race to come and settle on its territory. To speed the process, millions of German soldiers were either murdered or kept from their wife and family up to 10 years after the war. At the same time, the calories of the German population were dropped to 750 a day to force the women to prostitute themselves to save their children. Women who slept with Black American soldiers and got babies were given allowances. Those who got babies from White soldiers got nothing. Germany could say nothing and still cannot say anything as it is an occupied country with dubious sovereignty. No peace treaty was ever signed. The genetic destruction of the German people was planned, together with its replacement with a lumpen proletariat of mixed breed. The Germans were then brainwashed into believing that their parents were a bunch of mass murderers and they would have to atone for eternity for an alleged holocaust which does not stand up to examination. In order to protect this “religion” –holocaustism-, heavy fines and prison sentences were handed down for any heretics and other unbelievers who dare dispute the official version of the truth. It was stipulated further in the 1949 temporary constitution that the purpose of the Federal Republic was to be the protection of Israel .

With the advent of the Common Market, the policy of mixing the European genes was extended to the whole of Europe which was then obliged to accept all and sundry from any country. At the same time, European people were discouraged from having children, creating a need to import more foreign labour. For example textile mills owners in Britain imported Bangladeshi labour and then relocated their mills to the Far East, leaving behind the Bangladeshis. The rotten elites of Europe did nothing to stop the practice as they believed that a multi ethnic, multiracial Europe would be a good thing as it would not be able to oppose their power. So their political puppets paid child welfare to immigrant mothers who went on breeding more and more unemployable brats, while the Europeans worked their butts and effectively reduced their population to pay for those aliens. That is the position today.

The German education system which used to be the top in Europe is now in tenth place. Third world people are not Third world because they did not have a chance. The reason is their inability to be anything else. So they are frustrated and hate those who do better. The politic of envy reigns supreme. Here South Africa is being destroyed slowly, one department of state at the time as ignoranamus want top jobs with little qualification with the subsequent result. In France the banlieues are simmering, full of hate, blaming the French for their inabilities to compete, but at the same time unwilling to absorb themselves into the French nation. It is the same all over Europe . And the Islamic religion and Middle East customs do not help either. Like some wag stated a while ago: They moved to Europe because they hated the conditions in their country of origin, but now want to change Europe to look like the countries they left behind. This is a recipe to disaster. Aymeric Chauprade, former Director de l’Ecole de Guerre, sacked because he did not believe the official version of 9/11, stated some 10 years ago that there will be civil war in France within the next 10 years. We are here now. And one French minister a few years ago was begging French women to marry aliens, to avoid civil war. There is only one solution unfortunately: REPATRIER EN MASSE. It will not be pretty, but the alternative is too ghastly to contemplate.

But the most interesting part, is Bibi Netanyahu’s appeal to French Jews to move en masse to Israel as anti-semitism is “rampant” in Europe. In other words, jump from the pan into the fire. It is the same Netanyahu who visits injured Isis fighters in Israeli hospitals and whose military, with the US, French and Brits, trained the organisation and sent it to create ultimate mayhem in the Middle East, therefore creating a flood of refugees which now are moving into Europe, ultimately recreating the same condition as the ME. By creating mayhem in Europe, Israel is bound to benefit. By turning the European masses against Muslims, Palestinians will be forgotten and Israel will become the knight in shining armour fighting the same enemy as ourselves. And if some 500 000 French Jews move to Israel , where will they be resettled? On Palestinian land of course. And what will happen to the Palestinians? They will be pushed into the desert as Ben Gurion proposed at one time. And nobody in the West will lift a finger. All Muslims must be exterminated as they are the devil personified. With civil war raging in Europe, who cares about the Palestinians? Then Israel will be expanded from the Nile to the Euphratus to fulfil the dream

Some two or three year ago, some leaders of Al Qaeda in the Yemen had to run as they were exposed as Mossad agents. It is strange that those terrorists in Paris are connected to the Yemeni branch. It is also strange that Isil never said a word about liberating Palestine or attacking Israel. Personally I would put the whole thing as a false flag operation. The attack on the Kosher supermarket reminds one of the Carpentras affair, the attack on the Jewish centre in Paris and attacks on synagogues- and of course Kristallnacht, organised from Paris by Jewish émigrés organisation- which all proved to be “inside jobs” if one can call them that. If Jewish oligarchs in Kiev can use Nazi thugs to do their dirty work, there is no reason why they cannot use Muslim extremists. Bibi by the way recently rediscovered his roots in the Ukraine. No more Israelite ancestors for him…To conclude, here are the words of Ariel Sharon in 1982.

We are Judeo-Nazis, and why not? If your nice, civilised parents, rather than writing books about their love of humanity had instead come to Israel and killed six million Arabs, what would have happened? Sure, two or three nasty pages would have been written in the history books, and we would have been called all sorts of names, but we would be here today as a people of 25 million! What you do not seem to understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”

What is interesting in this quote is the “25 million” number. ( A South African economist in the 90s calculated that there were some 29,5 million Jews in the world. Sharon quote would confirm that number. It took him two years, using the figures of every country on Earth. I pointed out to Prof Rabkin of Montreal University who was stating a figure of 12 million that the US number had increased to 7,4 million plus Israel 6,5 million without counting the rest of the world. I read that the figure has been changed to 17 million. Of course Sharon ’s figure would make a mockery of the 6 million holocaust. He knew what he was talking about. We do live in interesting time.

All the best and carry on the good work.