“What has been will be again,…

¡Beware the Ides of September…!


By Adrian Salbuchi


What has been will be again,

What has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun”

Ecclesiastes, 1:9



In Political affairs, making forecasts can be a dangerous endeavor. Particularly in the complex, confusing and trying times that we live in. Because the factors that need to be taken into consideration to make minimally credible forecasts are very diverse, haphazard and mostly chaotic.

We can however identify key aspects, processes and milestones, and address them applying a suitable assessment model that also takes into account motivations, interests and goals that often lie hidden, together with the gigantic power specific groups, entities and individuals wield to ensure those objectives are achieved.

That’s when it becomes possible to join the dots to make credible projections pointing to a possible – even probable – unfolding future.

Here, we will take a reasonable and cautious attitude saying this or that might occur rather than shall occur, using risk management tools to identify and assess risks which can be minimized, even prevented if we succeed in unmasking those dark forces that are, even now at work although most people do not perceive, understand or process them properly.

Elsewhere we have described how over past decades privatized power structures have been forging the so-called “New World Order”, so that we won’t delve on this in detail(1). 

Let us only reiterate that at the highest echelons of World Power – where tiny groups of very powerful entities that seem to have the final word sit – Bilderberg Conference, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Americas Society and certain Masonic lodges and financial groups – ambitious and far reaching plans and goals encompassing the whole world are being carried out, spanning not just years and decades, but generations and centuries.

Within this timeframe, there exist key structures that have grown powerfully and consolidated: Royalty, European Nobilities, Freemasonry, financial dynasties like Rothschild, Lazard, Montefiore, Warburg, Schiff, Rockefeller and Harriman; industrial multinationals, media and academia powerhouses, as well as ecclesiastical structures that include the Anglican and Lutheran churches and the Vatican.

Its varied members and players have inherited from their forbears the difficult and complex Mission of continuing their combined global strategies and plans masterminded decades and centuries ago, which require very far-reaching Vision to execute; certainly much longer than a mere human lifespan.

To communicate this, they do not just use books and written instructions but also other far more effective long-term channels that are more apt, secure and subtle. To a great extent they are based on allegory, metaphor, and symbol that enable knowledge, guidelines and principles hoary with time to coalesce into “maps” or “guides” to be used for on-going and future actions. 

Classical Greece, for example, used theatre plays like Oedipus Rex, Elektra, Ajax, Jason and the Homeric epics as long-term vehicles to communicate profound truths, values and social order amongst its people; a tradition that would later be taken up again in the Europe by great Initiates like Dante, Cervantes, Wolfram von Eschenbach, Shakespeare, Goethe, Wagner and others.

This allowed specific information destined for the few to “clothe” itself, century after century, in symbols, signs and ritual that have all one key common virtue: they permit hiding profound and powerful secrets “in plain sight”, because those lacking the proper “decoding key” to understand them will not have a clue as to their true hidden meanings.


We should understand that communicating through logical and sequential sentences made up of verbs, nouns and adjectives is not the only channel available to us even though the modern world –scientific, rational and materialist – would have us believe that only ideas properly backed by “scientific proof” and “rational demonstration” sanctioned by politically correct Authority have value.

Consequently, all “politically incorrect” thinking becomes risky and may attract unwanted attention from the Authority of the day. In the West, writing, reading and maintaining politically incorrect views counter to Authority is a dangerous thing, as the likes of Galileo, Copernicus and St. Therese of Ávila learned the hard way.

Clearly, entertaining and spreading Truth is a Revolutionary Act!

And yet those who possessed profound Truths have always found creative ways of communicating them not just in their own time and space, but for future generations as well. They have imprinted their knowledge onto the walls of buildings, lay-out of cities, statues, paintings, theatrical plays, operas, even in magnificent gothic cathedrals of France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as that mysterious 20th Century Initiate only known by his anagram of “Fulcanelli” showed.

Most tragically however, in modern times this ancient, profound “protected method” of conveying Truth into the distant future has been usurped by dark forces and entities, which today use it to hide and dissimulate their disgraceful and destructive goals, that today are openly satanic in nature.

For several millennia this method has included the use of certain numbers’ hidden meanings based on the numerological science of Gematria created by Assyria-Babylon and later by the Jewish Cabbala. Look at the exceptional and recurrent importance that numbers like 6 and – more importantly for our task today – the number 7 have had over the centuries. Cabbalistic and Masonic tradition hold that seven marks the start and end of individual and collective cycles of physical and temporal order, as can be seen in the seven days of the week, seven colors of the spectrum, seven major musical notes, and seven classic planets.

Closer to our own time, multiplying 7 by 10 – 70 – shows that 2015 marks the 70th anniversary since the end of World War Two, which was the most catastrophic conflict in human history ending in the unconditional triumph of those very forces today enthroned as the Global Power Elite that reign over global finance, governments, media, commerce, industry, academia and other key global power factors.

2015 also marks the 70th anniversary since atomic holocaust (of huge impact on the collective psyche) was unleashed over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the fire-bombing of European cities like Dresden, Berlin and Hamburg. In my native Argentina, 2015 marks 70 years since President Juan Peron´s 17th October 1945 Revolution: a milestone and turning point in national and regional politics in this part of the world.

Lastly, although September is the ninth month of the year, it does however carry in its very name the number seven – i.e., September (2).

Also of significant importance is the Jewish seven-year Shemittah cycle ending in a Sabbatical Year, regarding which Jewish law dictates that “at the end of seven years thou shallt condone and forgive all debts” (Leviticus, 25; Deuteronomy, 15:9-10).

In actual fact, the end of the Jewish year of 5775 will take place next 12th September and also marks the end of a grander Shemittah Cycle of 49 years (7 times 7) leading to a Jubilee which should be celebrated with universal condoning of all debts “public and private”. Will the mega-banksters obey their own Millenarian Law? Highly unlikely!

In fact, everything seems to point to the fact that we are about to enter a highly volatile scenario in which the Global Power Elite will engineer the “controlled collapse” of both the US Dollar, which thanks to Quantitative Easing I, II & III has been all but hyper-inflated; as well as the increasing weakness in political terms of the Euro which can break up in the next European public debt crisis.

These currency wars and upheavals represent necessary milestones on the road leading to a Global Currency that won’t be controlled by any specific nation as we envisioned over a decade ago (3).

Interestingly, the International Monetary Fund’s Executive Director Mme Christine Lagarde surprised a National Press Club audience in January 2014 when she made her own cryptic numerological remarks on the significance of the number seven:


Going back to this Shemittah cycle’s nearing end, on the following day – 13th September 2015 – the Jewish New Year starts: Rosh Hashana 5776. Here we should turn to Masonic symbolism which is heavily laden with Jewish tradition and lore, which often adds 4000 years to the Christian calendar, sinking its roots back to the Biblical time of Noah when the world had just been created…

Freemasonry had a huge impact on the Founding Fathers of the United States, a well-established fact which helps to explain the symbolism of the Great Pyramid with the Eye of Horus appearing on the Great Seal of the United States, made famous by the fact that it appears on the reverse of the US One Dollar bill.

On the base of that pyramid the number 1776 appears in Roman numerals – MDCCLXXVI – not only pointing to the year when the Thirteen Original Colonies declared Independence from Britain, but also if we add the aforementioned 4000 years of Masonic lore, it points to the Jewish Year of 5776 which starts at dusk next 13th September 2015.

Aside from the US Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July of 1776, that year also marks other interestingly important milestones:

*9th March: Scottish political economist Adam Smith published his seminal “An Inquiry into the Wealth of Nations” , the true “bible” so to speak of modern financial capitalism that afforded the Global Power Elite so many trillions of powerful dollars;

*1st May: Traditionally this date marks the creation of the Illuminati of Bavaria Lodge by its mythical founder Adam Weishaupt (Adam = man; Weishaupt “wise head” in German).

*1st August: Interestingly, it appears that cosmic “Powers That Be” reigning over humankind did not let these conspirators have it all their way, because on 1st August of the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 1776, and as part of the Spanish Empire’s defense against British divide and conquer tactics, King Charles III ordered his minister for the East Indies, José de Gálvez y Gallardo, the creation of the Vice-Royalty of the River Plate with its capital in the City of Buenos Aires lying on the wide River Plate Basin. His geopolitical Vision led him to lay the foundations of a future powerful Nation with shores on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, that carries even to this day the potential of becoming a Great World Power that, allied with likeminded nations, peers and peoples, has yet to rise to fight the dark demiurge reigning over today’s world.

Having made these brief clarifications, let us now venture into some projections and forecasts based to some extent on the tradition of speaking and writing “in code” – trobar clus – as did in the Middle Ages the Troubadours of France and the Minnesänger of Germany, true minstrels of their day.



First and foremost, we openly admit that we are motivated to write this short essay by a strong sense of perilous urgency and impending danger.

Using our assessment model of today’s realities in the geopolitical, economic, social, financial, and media stages, we envision imminent upheavals, violence and dramatic contingencies.

As German playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, “Coming events cast their shadows forward”, and it is those shadows that today darken the skies over Mankind.

If what we describe here transpires, it will not be the result of “coincidence” or “human error”, but rather the outcome of specific actions by powerful forces not immediately visible at first glance. These shadowy coming events will not be the haphazard work of isolated “mad men” or “Islamic terrorists” or “social misfits and kooks”.

Rather, they will reflect the execution of longstanding plans designed and promoted by extremely powerful clandestine entities that are partially or totally embedded deep inside public and private power structures throughout the world, notably in the West.

To help understand its dynamics, in our TV program in Argentina we addressed the highly complex method of warfare that has come to be known as “False Flag” events (4), which are veritable catalyst triggers used to unleash those wars and conflicts that the Global Power Elite deems necessary and convenient in order to promote their own discreet plans of world conquest.

Examples of this span more than a century; certainly since the times of the First and Second World Wars, through Vietnam and Korea, and up to today’s continuing wars in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The “internal logic” of “False Flags” help to understand dramatic events which are otherwise just plain inconsistent, if not unexplainable. For example, the 11th September 2001 terror attacks in the United States and their precursory events, including the two terror bombings in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina against Israel’s embassy in 1992, and the AMIA/DAIA Jewish Mutual building in 1994; not to mention the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center’s North Tower itself. 

They also serve to begin to fathom and understand the true driving force behind the sudden appearance out of nowhere of “Islamic State / ISIS / IS / ISIL”, as if a modern version of the ancient goddess Athena rising out of Zeus’ head, fully armed, armor-clad and ready for battle.

“Islamic State” seems to have evolved (if we may use such a concept for this madness!) out of the perverse and criminal method of using False Flags as an excuse to wage desired wars, promoted by this age’s dark imitators of the Olympians, embedded in the Global Power Elite structure.

It is within this wide and complex context that we envision that next September will see a series of powerful events take place, heavily laden with end-of-cycle dates, symbolic and cabalistic (numerological) symbolism, and prophetic elements (both Old Testament and Evangelical).

These may be used as triggers to “ease the pressure” in a complex series of geopolitical, financial, monetary, economic and collective psychology processes and issues that have grown exponentially and today have become all but unsustainable. Indeed, the world seems like a boiler ready to explode!

We must therefore ask: Is there some sort of “script” being used to impose a specific course upon events, as if some cosmic tragedy is being played out, with specific and horrific goals and ends?

Will this subtle mechanism lead to extreme conflict and bloodshed – both the work of man, and the work of God – all geared at triggering events of huge global impact after which “the world will never be the same again”?

Will such turmoil and overturning of established social order be used to justify the unjustifiable: forcing a World Government upon all of mankind, through sheer fear and terror; Phobos et Deimos? A veritable World Government not just in practice as we have today, but a World Government fully enforced by global Law?

Are deeply rooted archetypes lying in the deepest recesses of the collective psyche being manipulated, whose activation transforms them into giant triggers of coming global upheavals?

Are specific attempts being made to artificially resonate “that which is above with that which is below” as decreed by traditional Hermetic Law? Let us describe some relevant aspects indicating the possibility of gross manipulation of the collective psyche through the use and abuse of certain deeply rooted factors which only now are beginning to be fathomed and understood.

Modern science reveals that huge potentialities lie dormant, hidden and untapped in the human brain; in fact it is said that we barely use 10% of our brain’s capacity. If we link these facts with the hardly understood potentialities of the Collective Psyche as revealed by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung (5), can concrete and predictable effects be achieved by manipulating individual’s consciousness within the scope of the Collective Unconscious of huge contingents of people?

Throughout history, men and women have felt, thought and imagined basically the same things: gods, heroes, epics, war, love of family and fatherland, fears and desires… However, they always did this in relative isolation, each in his own way and at different times and places; hardly ever collectively.

Modern communication and information technologies, however, have placed in the hands of extremely small but hugely powerful groups of people, the power of making hundreds of millions –even billions – of men, women and children see and hear exactly the same images and sounds at exactly the same instant in time.

Do we know what effects such simultaneous images and sounds echoing inside billions of brains and involving scenes of overwhelming intellectual, emotional and psychological impact actually have? Take for example the collapsing World Trade Center towers, the televised assassination of a revered global leader, or natural disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes… Can all of that aggregated and synchronized “brain energy” later have a direct effect upon the physical world?

Is it just possible that those billions of brains resonating in synchronicity throughout the world as they watch exactly the same images at exactly the same time, generate some as yet not understood effect that might have an impact upon physical matter and – more importantly – on the future course of collective events, above and beyond man’s merely intellectual will?

If there is any truth in this, then it is alarming to see that those hundreds of millions of “synchronized brains” generating collective psycho-physical power are doing so unconscious of what is happening. This would make us all very vulnerable to subtle harnessing methods which might be used by those who are in the know but keep quiet about it, in order to protect their secret that allows them to “take the reins”, so to speak, over such huge collective psychic power, channeling it in specific directions that suit their own plans and goals… without even asking for our “permission”!

Real vampires of the collective psyche!!

If such phenomena do in fact exist, would that explain, for example, certain “self-fulfilling prophesies”?

Does this also help to understand why since at least a quarter of a century Hollywood’s “entertainment industry” seems obsessed with hammering into our brains high impact “catastrophe” moves, alien invasions and attacks, perversions, violence and Satanism in all shapes and forms, drenched, of course, in a dangerous soup of explosions, explosions and more explosions?

It appears as if Hollywood (which operates closely and discretely with R&D teams inside the CIA, MI6, Mossad and Tavistock Institute) are bent on imposing through “blood and fire” the entropic second law of thermodynamics on the increasingly schizophrenic brains of all men!

We have become increasingly vulnerable, unconsciously inter-connected, and our brains powerfully tapped into by “invisible operators”; not just through radio and TV but through a veritable swarm of “access channels” that serve their invisible worldwide web operators, consisting of laptops, iPads, iPods, SmartPhones, Tablets, PC’s, SmartTV, cell phones and dozens of other new “technetronic” marvels and contraptions, to use an aptly coined word by Polish-American geopolitical scientist and Trilateral Commission ideologue, Zbigniew Brzezinski, back in the early seventies? (6)

Lastly, a word of warning regarding another key element developing around next September, which is Project CERN: The European Center for Nuclear Investigation. Founded in 1954, this powerful multinational atomic research center is located in Switzerland and operates a very powerful sub-atomic particle collider facility near Geneva’s international airport where it carries out revolutionary quantum physics experiments.

A highly sophisticated team of world-class nuclear physicists and scientists experiment with its gigantic super electro-magnet Large Hadron Collider (LHC), that shoots extremely powerful and precisely targeted sub-atomic particle beams.

This monster consists of a huge ring-shaped tunnel buried 100 meters underground, with a 27 kilometer circumference which in 2010 was able to create and isolate a small quantity of Anti-Hydrogen (H-), i.e., Hydrogen made of anti-matter with anti-protons and anti-electrons (positrons).

In 2012, the LHC discovered the “Higgs Boson”, a sub-atomic particle which is thought to be responsible for giving basic mass to all the matter in the universe. It is linked to the much sought for God Particle which many believe holds the key to understanding Dark Matter, of which the greater part of the inter-stellar universe is thought to be made up of. On this subject, renown quantum physicist Stephen Hawkins warned that its artificial creation on Earth may represent a potential danger (7).

The LHC began to be (re)energized in May 2015 as a series of strange and wondrous experiments – hardly understandable to the layman – are being planned for sometime on or around 23rd September.

It is even rumored that the gigantic power of this particle collider whose force is measured in trillions of volts of electric and electromagnetic potential, may have unpredictable physical effects and might even open up “other dimensions”, whatever that in fact means. There is even talk of “inter-dimensional gates” which, if violent forced open by the LHC, might result in unimaginable phenomena.

Once again, Hollywood “comes to the rescue” with its spate in recent decades of Star Gate movies and other such inter-dimensional “portals” which some believe could even facilitate passage into this world of unholy intelligences lying on the “other side” (although nobody quite understands what “other side” we are talking about…).

Naturally, we are not saying that this is actually true nor scientific fact, however we are legitimately concerned that all of this may be a sign that CERN and other facilities might be on the threshold of some new, revolutionary and extremely powerful technological breakthrough that could be applied to new kinds of warfare, with similar effects as happened in 1945 when the United States and other major powers acquired the Atomic Bomb.

Modern history thoroughly shows that when powerful new technologies are monopolized by the wrong hands they only seem serve to perpetrate criminal acts of genocide as those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; hugely dangerous contaminations as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima; and to blackmail entire countries as we see at present in the deplorable behavior of the US, UK, France and Israel towards Iran.

Be it as it may, it is noteworthy to observe that CERN’s logo discretely shows three overlapping 6’s – 666 – and that the entrance to its Geneva facility counts with a large statue of the Hindu god Shiva in its manifestation as Nataraja – “Destroyer of Worlds”.


Logo de CERN





Entrance to CERN with the statue of Shiva

Also noteworthy is the fact that in its 22nd November 2010 edition (the anniversary of JFK’s assassination), Time magazine published a Photoshop picture of president Barack Obama in an identical pose as “destroyer of worlds”, calling him “God of all things”. Another mere coincidence, of course…

Lastly, on 23rd September but of the year 2012, “Madonna” – a key player in promoting the Satanic Global Agenda – staged a powerful sound and image show in Washington DC, whose theme was, precisely, the opening of a hellish portal of some sort represented by a veritable cataract of satanic and destructive “fire falling from the sky” symbolism (8). “Coincidently”, Pope Francis is due to begin his official visit to the US in Washington DC on the third anniversary of that “show”.

Is 23rd September somehow earmarked for some sort of “entity” – real or virtual – entering our world?



Let us move forward into our main subject. Its huge complexity gives us just two basic options: either we do a “ten-thousand page” detailed description or, we take the Brief Path writing less than a dozen pages. In view of the urgency of the matter, to our reader’s delight we naturally chose to tread the latter road…

Let us thus schematically assess the series/sets of events/processes – both real and potential – that shall/may take place during the coming month of September 2015. At first sight they might appear unconnected and unrelated; however, at a more subtle level they fall into place with subtle logic.

Will we be able to describe in logical “sentences and paragraphs” these events and processes which, if they come to pass – and let us pray that they won’t! – would show that they will not occur “by chance” but rather “by will”; specifically engineered to confirm prophecy, visions and intuitions spanning from remotest antiquity to the present day.

May we add in no uncertain terms that we are describing a veritable war – perhaps the Final Battle – between what can only be described as the forces of Good against the forces of Evil, which means that some of our ”sentences” must be “read constructively” from left to right, whilst others are, of need, to be “entropically” read from right to left.…

The Ides(9) of September – next Sunday 13th September 2015, to be exact – may very well represent a clear turning point in the delicate cosmic time-scale pending over Mankind’s destiny. Scales that might serve as pointers of a “before and after”; an entrance and an exit….

As the Roman God Janus (10), we must make an effort to understand the true significance of the past, in order to be able to fathom what the future has in store for us all; hoping and praying that the Strings of Fate woven by prophetic Norns shall not break, because if they do that would announce the dreaded Götterdämmerung: the twilight of the gods and End of Days…

A couple of other indications:



 *Anno LucisUNESCO (an agency of the globalist United Nations) declared 2015 “International Year of Light” – Lucifer’s year….