It is five minutes to midnight, Europe

Hello wherever you are and whoever you are. I am Michael Walsh, the Irish writer and poet. I passionately believe in the integrity and conservation of all races, ethnicities, cultures and religions. These are concepts granted to us by divinity and fate, not those with a long-term political agenda of race destruction.

It is my belief that our African, Asian, European and indeed all peoples, are entitled to their exclusivity, their freedom to worship and to preserve their own kind.

As a race conservationist it is my belief that those who, through a policy of race-mixing propaganda, brainwashing and coercion destroy ethnic peoples, are the true race haters.

The Celts, Slavs and Teutonic peoples, who make up the peoples of the politically divided nations of Europe, are today under great threat. Like South Africa’s whites, Native Americans, the Maoris of New Zealand, Tibetans and the Native Australians, the end of the European peoples, who now make up only 8% of the world’s population of 7 billion souls, is openly discussed as though it was inevitable

It is now 5 minutes to midnight. In many European cities, our betrayed peoples are already outnumbered and segregated into ghettoes, reservations. They have becoming second-class citizens in their own countries; their protests are silenced by political correctness, coercion, fines and imprisonment. Who, of whatever race or creed, can accept such discrimination? It is my belief that humanity needs the preservation, not the willful destruction of any of its peoples.

The destruction of the European peoples is not inevitable; the threat is the lack of will to identify the danger and to deal with it. I am proud to be, not a race-hater but a RACE CONSERVATIONIST. I hope you enjoy the sentiments expressed in my verse whoever you are, wherever you are.

Michael Walsh



Mike Walsh, veteran journalist, broadcaster and historian, a free-thinking tormentor of renegade Europeans, leftists, palace scribblers and mainstream media censors. He has shrugged off their wrath over 50 years of writing.

His Irish-American father, Patrick, by the time he reached 40-years of age, had fought in four conflicts. As a rebel in the Irish peoples guerrilla war against England’s Black and Tans. These irregulars, mostly dredged from England’s prisons, were notorious for their viciousness. Patrick also fought in the Irish War of Independence, Spanish Civil War and World War Two.

A tireless traveler, Mike, from the age of 26, was consumed by a passion for truth and justice. This led him to discover the potpourri of lies, infamies, cover-ups and crimes committed by those who militarily but never morally defeated Europe’s last chance of survival, A National Socialist Europe free from race-mixing genocide, degredation, perpetual war as bankers’ plantation slaves.