Can you help? Silvester-Übergriffe in Köln

2015-16 New Year Problems in German cities. We want to see the physical evidence of these events.

  •     Where is the security video evidence for these disturbances in these cities?
  •     Surely someone observed the chaos that is reported to have happened?

  Fredrick Töben advises that in Australia most public video recordings are controlled by the police.

  • Is there a similar law in Germany that gives police control of all public video recordings?. If this is the case, then this would partially explain why there are no recordings of the alleged New Year disturbances.
  • On the other hand, where are the thousands of recordings made by passers-by and by participants?. Think of the IS, ISIS, Daesh activities that are propagated via the Internet.
  • No evidence of German New Year riots – only reports after the event?

(Dr. Fredrick Töben´s citation also at


Summary of the Coordinated Sexual Assaults by Immigrants Against Europeans on N.Y.E.

[notice]DISCLAIMER: – indication of what is being sent around – we publish but don’t agree with stuff – now it is not easy to find the truth – unless one is a witness to such happenings….the Luegenpresse is everywhere…[/notice]

Pegida-Demo und Gegenprotest am Kölner Hbf nach Übergriffswelle auf Frauen in Silvesternacht

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So-called “mainstream journalist” speaks out against refugee intake into Australia


Refugee reports amount to cover-up and deflection from real story

February 3, 2016 11:30pm

Andrew Bolt Herald Sun

IF there is one thing our politicians, police and press tend to lie about, it’s refugees. They fear the facts might turn you vicious or stubborn.

In Germany, this hoax on the public finally exploded on New Year’s Eve — but few commentators have noted the parallels to Australia.

Last year the German Government recklessly admitted 1.1 million “refugees”, most young Muslim men, but Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted her country could absorb so many people from such different cultures.

Angela Merkel hailed as an angel of mercy,” gushed the Sydney Morning Herald.

But on New Year’s Eve at least 1000 male foreigners gathered outside Cologne’s main railway station, and crying women were soon telling police they’d been attacked.

In all, more than 800 complaints of assault, rape and robbery were reported to police, who have so far identified 30 suspects, all African or Middle Eastern, and half refugees.

Yet Cologne’s police at first lied, issuing a statement describing the night as “relaxed” and mostly “peaceful”.

The media joined the cover-up. Germany’s public broadcaster, ZDF, decided not to report the attacks on its 7pm Heute news show and later admitted it had made a “mistake” to “pussyfoot” around the truth.

Most other media outlets at first used the euphemisms “youth” and “young men”, rather than say the perpetrators were foreigners.

Then, when news of the assaults trickled out on Facebook, the Mayor claimed it was “improper” to link the assaults to refugees.

Germany is an extreme example, but the same pattern of cover-up and deflection happens in Australia.

Here are some of many examples of Australia’s politicians, police and media trying to hide or fudge inconvenient truths about immigrant crime, especially involving refugees.

IN 2008 Victoria Police chief commissioner Christine Nixon claimed Sudanese refugees were “under-represented” in crime rates, when police figures show they were over-represented by a factor of five.

IN 2010 Nixon’s successor admitted that while police recorded the ethnic background of criminals it was not “appropriate to be putting that sort of information out” because “sometimes they cause offence”.

LAST year the Salvation Army accused Victoria’s police of covering up a violent New Year’s Eve brawl between more than 200 African youths in Melbourne’s CBD. Police did not issue a media release on the brawl and no media outlet reported it.

IN NSW, police are more likely to describe the ethnicity of criminals, but the media Left still tend to omit it. For instance, police asked for help to find three men of “Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance” who allegedly attacked two 16-year-old girls, but the Sydney Morning Herald changed their descriptor to merely “dark complexion”.

IN 2014 the Herald passed on police appeals to find six men who allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl, but omitted the men’s most identifiable feature. The reporter later tweeted that while she’d written the men were of African appearance, “it was taken out in the subbing process”.

Rescued migrants arrive in Canakkale. Picture: AFP

LAST October, The Age reported Victoria had “the worst month for gun violence this year, with 10 incidents” in a report that omitted police claims that the shootings were linked to Lebanese families.

IN 2013, federal Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus falsely claimed the “multicultural” community of Dandenong was “harmonious”, even though police warned it actually suffered from a high crime rate and African gangs.

True, there is a moral case for helping refugees. True, there is a moral case for not encouraging racists. But what is the moral case for misleading the public about public policies that put them at extra risk?

What else aren’t we being told?

This refusal to report can foster ignorance even in those paid to notice. Last year, senior ABC presenter Fran Kelly claimed she knew of no “links of people who have come in as refugees and then committed terrorist offences”.

In fact, the last three terror attacks here — the stabbing of two police in Melbourne, the killing of two people in the Martin Place siege and the murder of a police accountant — were all by refugees, an important commonality rarely reported.

The misinformation continues. On Tuesday the ABC’s 7.30 reported claims that a five-year-old boy on Nauru had been raped, and there was “a report of a sexual assault every 13 days” in our detention centres, most involving children.

The ABC report was designed to melt our hearts and open our gates, but nowhere did the ABC disclose whether the paedophiles who’d allegedly attacked these children were themselves boat people.

Is that because Australians might not open the gates but lock them?