Gerard Menuhin: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

A review by Fredrick Töben, 5 January 2016


For the pragmatist, for the crass materialist, the atheist, and for anyone who rejects any kind of idealism, the title alone presents a worry. For them there is no such thing as “truth” and there certainly is no “Devil”, especially not in the religious sense. Then again, perhaps individuals who believe in “truth” and in the “Devil” are merely expressing their desire for values that are reflected within the concepts of “Good” and “Evil”? Surely, in a society wherein individuals wish to lead a fulfilling life it is also imperative that one needs also to fulfill one’s moral, social and legal duties! Perhaps, and “but not only”!

Let’s begin this review of Gerard Menuhin’s book by considering his work within the conceptual framework of FORM and CONTENT. But before I go there, let me make reference to how on the back cover the author is quoted as stating about himself: I am simply Humanity’s spokesperson, a representative of our true rights. I have voiced in this book what many feel and a few know, but haven’t been able to express.

So, will there be an insurmountable stumbling block to be found somewhere in the book, wherein 

an open challenge to a claim of other “universalisms” is made? Will it be an easy task for the reader to get into the message, which Gerard Menuhin has belaboured in his 457-page book?

Let’s find out.