Fredrick Töben and his bankruptcy

On 17 November 2010 a Melbourne Law firm, on behalf of Fredrick Töben, negotiated with Jeremy Jones and Stephen Lewis about Töben possibly avoiding bankruptcy .

Both Jones and Lewis had a heavy involvement in Töben’s legal prosecution before the Human Rights Commission and the Federal Court of Australia.

They claimed to be acting on behalf of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, Jewish Board of Deputies and the general Australian Jewish community.

In 1995-6 Australia had just tightened the Racial Discrimination Act by adding Section 18C to it where only a “hurt feeling” was sufficient to give judgment to the complainant. The “good faith” defence fell by the wayside because logically anyone causing “hurt feelings” to arise in another cannot have good intentions – so the legal argument flowed.

Mrs Olga Scully and Fredrick Töben were the two candidates on whom Section 18C was used with the intention of neutralizing their questioning World War Two history, specifically the Jewish Holocaust which by that time, and as Ernst Zündel would say: ‘the story keeps on changing’.

In an interview on ABC RN, Jeremy Jones stated to Rachel Cohn, that the aim must be to ‘stop them from functioning’, meaning that those who challenge his version of the Holocaust narrative must be silenced.

The Federal Court judges did not look kindly on those who questioned the official Holocaust narrative, and both Mrs Scully and Dr Töben were bankrupted because they could not afford to pay the $200,000+ court costs.

Töben tried to forestall the bankruptcy because it would mean having to sell his home where he had been living since 1985. He engaged a Melbourne lawyer who made Jones/Lewis an offer of settlement, which was rejected. See the below letter.

Toben only found out much later that Labor Stephen Lewis, who in 2010 stood against Liberal Malcolm Turnbull in the safe liberal and mainly Jewish seat of Wentworth.

During his address to the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Lewis reveals his plan to bankrupt Töben, as per clip: