Pedro Varela Geiss: Wanted!

The Mossos launch an operation against the neo-Nazi Libreria Europa

07/09/2016 – 16:47 hrs


The Police have sealed by court order the Europe bookstore Barcelona and are looking for its owner, Pedro Varela , to stop, as part of an operation in which intervened more than 15,000 copies who spread Nazi ideology.

According to informed sources close to the case, the bookseller, with a history for spreading genocidal ideas, has a pending arrest warrant issued by the court directing the operation against a network dedicated to the issue of Nazi books , which yesterday were already arrested four people.

Varela accumulates two convictions, the last one a year and three months in prison, for distributing books that broadcast the National Socialist ideology through your library “Europe” which was recorded in two police operations in 1996 and 2006 and is awaiting a third trial edit ‘ Mein Kampf ‘ Adolf Hitler without having the rights of that work.

In the operation launched on Friday, which remains open, the Catalan police have arrested four suspected members of the leadership of the cultural association responsible for the publication of books, two of them of Spanish nationality and two other Romanians.

The four detainees are attributed a crime against fundamental rights and public freedoms and another conspiracy , not only by publishing books Nazi ideology but also by organizing conferences that promote the teaching of hatred in the library.

In the practiced records, the Catalan police intervened about 15,000 copies books that ennoble and justify the Nazi genocide and which encourage discrimination and violence for certain races, ethnic groups or groups, as well as computer equipment.

The library Europe, located in the street Seneca of the Catalan capital, was registered in 1996 in a first police operation in which they were seized about 20,000 books and its owner arrested for a crime of advocating genocide, which earned him a sentence of seven months in prison.

In 2006, another judicial investigation focused on an editorial Nazi books based in the same library Europe behaved again the arrest of Pedro Varela , who he was sentenced to one year and three months in prison for crimes against fundamental rights and the seizure of about 5,000 volumes stored on the premises.