Dr. Johannes Lerle

On Thursday, the 28th of July 2016, another trial against a “holocaust-denier” – Dr. Johannes Lerle – took place in Nürnberg. Lerle, defended by his lawyer Frank Miksch, was accused of having spread flyers in front of the “Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds” (http://www.museums.nuremberg.de/documentation-centre/index.html).

In those flyers he wrote about the once alleged gas-chamber and the gassings in Dachau as a fraud. Which, of course, is common sense since the early 1960s; even admitted by the scholars and High priests of the holocaust-religion. Nevertheless the blase and nasty female state prosecutor and the judge, as quibbling pettifoggers, according their political order, found a way to sentence the doctor in theology, Johannes Lerle, to six months prison without parole. He already had spent one year behind bars because of “denying the holocaust”.

In his verdict the judge said that Lerle, who had claimed there were no gassings on the territory of the German Reich, had been mentioning Dachau, but had not been mentioning Ravensbrück, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen and Natzweiler. As if there had been gassings in Ravensbrück, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen and Natzweiler… Natzweiler hadn´t even been on the territory of the German Reich. Also in his oral verdict the judge happened to make a revealing Freudian slip of the tongue when he adressed Johannes Lerle as “Herr Galileo”, “Mr. Galileo”, one time.

The next round in this case will take place at the Court of Appeal.

Nürnberg, August 2nd 2016

Gerhard Ittner