British Columnist Goes On CNN And Calls It The “Clinton News Network”

The media is completely biased. They use their position to try and get people to vote for who they want as President… completely disregarding the fact that voting and deciding on who to vote is the RIGHT of Americans citizens. Their job is supposed to be providing the coverage on both candidates, fairly and accurate. Yet Hillary, who deleted 33,000 emails after the FBI asked her to fork them over, hired a team to clean her server, had her aids destroy cellphones with hammers (everything I said is in the FBI reports. Go look it up) is being defended by the media constantly, and not getting the air time she deserves for her crooked acts. Thank God for Wikileaks, Hillary may hate them, but all the emails they have are her fault. When you send information over unsafe servers like she did as Secretary of State, what does she expect? Wikileaks has proven that she has lied about absolutely everything. She should be in jail, not running for office. Trump loves this country. He’s not a career politicians. He’s not sending emails to donors about what he will do for them as special favors for donations, like Hillary was caught doing recently. He’s not having his staff write speeches about gun violence, then asking which gun violence victim should they copy & paste their name in, and have them claim it as their own, as Hillary did. He’s not talking about Catholics like they are dogs, then begging for their money and cuddling up with priests, as Hillary did. He’s not getting 12 million from Moroccan government to show up and speak to them in private, as Hillary did. Hillary is so fake it’s disgusting. Sad part is that half the people coming out to vote only believe the media. They don’t fact check anything. They don’t look up the truth. It’s sad.