Celebrities cry over election results, but not over war victims (VIDEO)

The perversity of Western values.

Source: http://theduran.com/celebrities-cry-over-election-results-not-over-war-victims/


Watching videos of idiotic celebrities bitch, moan and cry over the fact that Crooked Hillary lost the election would be funny, if there weren’t a tragic element about it. Donald Trump, who had the entire establishment and more rigged against him, still managed to pull off a sensational victory.

But for the professional losers called celebrities, this is not enough. They are crying, they are making threats, they are being hysterical, some are even encouraging hooliganism.

But where were their tears when Saddam was illegally removed from power and executed like an animal? Where were they when Crooked Hillary’s Islamist terrorists waged a war against the government of Libya and murdered Gaddafi as he begged for mercy? Where were they when President Yanukovych was forced to run for his life from fascist mobs? Where are they now that President Assad is trying to destroy ISIS and Al Qaeda?

The answer is that they were making millions, peddling obscenity, destroying people’s minds with inane nonsense. These people are not the cause but are instead, symptomatic of a broader western malaise of normative relativism. According to this sick hypocritical relativism, if Donald Trump proposes a trade policy that they don’t like – they shout hysterically, but when a million Iraqis die because of US and UK foreign policy, ‘life goes on’.

Well the lives of the rich celebrities  go on, the lives of the penthouse anarchists and the prostitutes with body guards, the psychopaths with top class, fix-figure medical treatments; their lives do go on indeed.

But life does not go on for the Serbian children who died in their mothers arms because the US wanted to destroy and exploit the once stable, prosperous and tolerant Yugoslavia. Life has not gone on for the black Africans who are being ethnically cleansed in post Jamahiriya Libya. Life has not gone on for the raped infants and dead civilians in Donbass.  Life has not gone on for the people of Syria who once lived in one of the most secular regimes in the region and are now living under the barbaric hand of throat cutting terrorists.

The fact of the matter is, no matter who won the US election, America would remain a first-world country with broadly high living standards, with freedom of expression from the profound to the totally inane, and most importantly, no foreign power would go to war with the US because of their displeasure with the election results.

The same cannot be said of other countries whom America and European states only allow to be free if the freedom is that of the obedient servant. The fact that these idiotic celebrities do not realise that a Trump victory assures the possibility of peace where a Hillary Clinton victory would have guaranteed the escalation of war, demonstrates the wanton ignorance of such individuals.

If they really cared about the wider world and about broader human causes rather than their own limited special interests, they would if anything, have endorsed Trump, either cautiously or enthusiastically, depending on their capacity for optimism vis-à-vis cynicism.

But this has not been the case, they’re own selfish agenda has trumped any attempt to truly understand Trump and what his victory means. I have no time to consider the feelings of those shedding tears. I have spent too much of my life agonising over those whose blood has been shed.