Race Suicide Assures End of Christian, White Civilization


Death Knell for Europe

Race Suicide Assures End of Christian, White Civilization

by Ronald L. Ray


From 1989 to 1994, this author lived and studied in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In November and December this year, I returned for the first visit since 2001, to see friends from a quarter-century ago and to view again the last vestiges of a multi-millennial civilization before they are gone completely. Sad to report, the deliberate self-destruction of once-great peoples is nearly complete.

The deliberate effort to annihilate the white race has been ongoing for a century or more. The unending war against Christianity, which is the foundation of European civilization, has reached its apex in our times.

The destruction of religious and moral values through two world wars drove the process of race suicide more swiftly. And by the 1960s, Judeo-Freemasonic ruling elites both in Europe and America began mass importation of alien peoples, ostensibly to aid “refugees” and to replace the dwindling Caucasian workforce, decreasing precipitously through the same elites’ promotion of birth control, abortion and divorce.

By the time I arrived in Germany, nearly every hamlet in the country had at least one family of Turkish “guest workers,” whose descendants are now “native” German citizens. This was deliberate government policy. Nevertheless, foreigners remained a tiny percentage of the population and generally assimilated. Even in larger cities, one saw few Muslims, and rarely a Negro or Jew. Gypsies were still the primary social blight.

The German countries of the early ’90s continued to maintained a proud sense of their own culture and history. Cultural clubs and traditional folk dress were more common than today. People retained a strong work ethic born of the post-war years. Buildings and streets were clean and well-maintained. Even liberal women wore mostly dresses and skirts and maintained a more traditional concept of roles for men and women.

But warning signs were there. Church attendance was only 6%-10%. Bavaria alone maintained a replacement birth rate, where just over three children was the norm. Most Germans were over 50 years old. Cultural communists controlled the education system—heirs of the infamous Frankfurt School. Clothing fashions were gradually perverted by the same malignant forces who had ruined them in America.

Yet, on the whole, Germans, Austrians and Swiss maintained distinct cultures and strong national identities. Few foresaw the true, destructive purpose of the European Union.

Today, the peoples of Europe are—appallingly—almost entirely Americanized—a feat achieved by ruthless banksters and multi-national corporations through “free trade” and increasingly easy credit. People’s predominantly black clothing seems a symbol of their dead souls.

In the trains, conversation with others was virtually impossible, as most people spent their time hunched over smartphones—even a Muslim woman in hijab. It is the death of culture. In fact, most people often seemed generally unhappy and even unfriendly or rude. Churchgoers are half of what they were. Churches are used as much for concerts as worship.

Life has become materialistic. Twenty years ago, Sunday closing laws were ironclad. Today, that has been eroded to the point where some shops dare open, and the traditional Christmas markets operate shamelessly on Sunday. People take photographs of kitschy holiday lights, rather than Advent concerts or the great monuments of civilization around them. The buildings remain, but few recognize their significance.

Increasing dilapidation and even abandoned properties are creeping into towns and villages, where once was life. No wonder. Most people are senior citizens. The shop employees, once in their 20s, are now over 40. I saw few people in their 20s or 30s and almost no children—never more than two or three to a family; usually one, at most.

Large groups of teenagers rode the trains to and from school, but many were Asians, Middle Easterners and blacks. I was told that a school in Friedrichshafen, Germany, has only two white students. In Vienna, Austria, a group of daycare children I saw were all Muslim.

People in the Old City district of Vienna—no longer the Habsburg capital—were 25%-40% Asian and Middle Eastern. In Salzburg, Austria, the 15%-20% foreigners on the weekend seemed to disappear on Monday, giving the illusion of normalcy. In St. Poelten, a group of Muslims engaged in aggressive street preaching—something forbidden by law 20 years ago.

Smaller towns and villages retain more of their traditional character, but the social decay is obvious. Even the most “European” group, traditionalist Catholics, no longer have large families, and many of their women have taken to wearing the ubiquitous and immodest skin-tight pants of their secularized counterparts—signs of creeping feminism.

A flicker of hope remains, though. The Austrian Freedom Party may win control of the national parliament next year, while 58% of Germans now recognize “immigration” as the number one societal problem, as millions more foreigners arrive.

A politically active German man with whom I spoke became very animated about the issue. “They [the foreign “refugees”] are ruining this country: murder, rape, terrorism, war!…Many young university graduates cannot find work, yet they bring more of those people here.” A black man, overhearing, agreed.

But are there enough Europeans willing to change course? Demographically, the war is over. Perhaps a tiny remnant of white European civilization will survive, though, if people will fight for it.

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and assistant editor of The Barnes Review. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence. Contact Ron by e-mail at write2ron@yandex.com .