Charged With Possessing Musical Weapons of Mass Destruction


UK Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, who was heavily criticised in 2015 for failing to bring a prosecution for child sex abuse against paedophile ‘Lord’ Janner, has finally given the go-ahead for the CPS to charge me under Section 127a of the Communications Act for two songs which I performed at the Grosvenor Hotel in London at last September’s meeting of the London Forum. Details of the charges are ‘restricted’. A CPS lawyer attached to the Special Crime and Counter-Terrorism Unit(!) has been tasked with the job of trying to have me prosecuted and convicted. The date for legal arguments is set for June 23rd and, pending the decision taken on this day, a full day’s trial has been scheduled for July 17th.

Just a brief recap: wealthy Jewish ‘charity’, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), frustrated with police and the CPS’s prior refusal to carry out any investigation into my subversive songs, went ahead with an extremely rare and exceedingly expensive private criminal prosecution against me last November. As explained in one of my previous blogs, we know from anonymous Internet Disqus account ‘robbersdog’ that within 24 hours of the private case against me being listed, I was arrested by Derbyshire police on suspicion of two trumped up charges of harassment along with another for incitement concerning my 2015 #quenelle at the Edinburgh Fringe and also for my songs. I was held in detention whilst police went to my parents’ home and seized my laptop – but not the charger (more on this later) – after which I was bailed on condition not to contact my accusers.

The first hearing of the CAA private criminal prosecution for malicious communications by way of causing ‘gross offence’ for my song about ‘Holocaust’ survivors took place on December 15 2016 at Westminster Magistrates Court. The Zionist press reported amply on the affair and there is little need to expand here. Since then, in regard to court decisions concerning my case, I have learned that there is always a bitter-sweet outcome. Despite the first judge (I can’t remember her name) already setting a trail date (the trial should have taken place yesterday but was adjourned – see below), the prosecution – remember, a wealthy Jewish ‘charity which continually boasts of its close relationship with police, the CPS, the Prime Minster and the Home Office – was furious that this judge had granted me unconditional bail. The CAA failed to take me to the High Court for contempt, but they did succeed in dragging me halfway back across Britain the day before Christmas Eve to have Chief Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, impose stricter bail conditions. The Zionist press again duly reported with all the usual labels.

Despite this assault on my freedom, in the three months which have elapsed since then, I have performed and spoken twice in France, again at the London Forum in February and completed a nine-day, eight-city tour of Canada. Whilst in Canada, I made the front pages of The National Post. There were also reports in several regional newspapers and an article from the BBC. Apparently, Canadian Jewish groups were most upset that a ‘notorious British “Holocaust” denier’ had been allowed into Canada and, according to these same groups, this failure on the part of the Canadian immigration authorities would be one of the incriminating factors connected to the recent series of bomb threats sent to synagogues. Since news broke this week that the person responsible for these threats was an Israeli Jew, the Zionist press has been unsurprisingly coy. The culprit was ‘mentally ill’, so they claim.


Back to the first hearing on December 15 when my solicitor had initially requested that the CPS take over the case. At the time, the judge granted the CPS 28 days to reach a decision rather than the usual 14 days because of Christmas and New Year. January 12 came and went and it wasn’t until March 7 that we heard that the CPS was finally taking over and would proceed to trial. Why did it take the CPS 82 days to come to a decision, ignoring due process, not to mention my human rights as a defendant? A month earlier, on the advice of one of my sources, I started looking into possible conflicts of interest regarding District Judge Arbuthnot, wife of former Tory MP James (Baron) Arbuthnot, chairman of the parliamentary Conservative Friends of Israel 2011-2015.

Often, the best place to search the Internet is Google images. I simply entered the name of the judge and ‘Conservative Friends of Israel’ and, hey presto!, up popped four images of DJ Arbuthnot on the CFI website as part of a delegation to Israel, no doubt all expenses paid (see Al Jazeera four-part documentary, “The Lobby”). My solicitor immediately requested that DJ Arbuthnot step down.

By March 7 when the CPS announced they were taking over, we still had no news of Distict Judge Arbuthnot’s eventual recusal. On Wednesday March 22, two days before the trial, the CPS prosecutor asked the court for an adjournment, which is what my lawyer had originally asked for back in December, the main point being that the then judge had already set a trial date, therefore obliging the CPS to follow through to trial if they decided to take over, which is now the case. On the advice of my barrister, I consented and the matter was aired in court on March 23 in front of District Judge John Zani. Yes, Baroness Arbuthnot had finally recused herself – quite a victory which, of course, has been completely ignored by the Zionist press. Even the self-proclaimed mouthpiece for freedom of speech, Spiked, has failed to report on my case, probably because they don’t like what I say. Hypocrites.


When I first saw the name ‘Zani’, I was a little nervous. However, it appears that it is an Italian surname – perhaps the origin of the English for ‘zany’ – and also an anagram of… OMG !! Joking aside, Judge Zani refused to revert to unconditional bail and I am still under the strict gagging order imposed by Friend of Israel Judge Arbuthnot. Despite there being no anti-revisionist law in the UK, I am practically condemned already. The CAA, a pro-Israel, now-recused judge and the Crown have together managed to stifle my right to freedom of expression as well as preventing me from earning my crumb as a performing artist in my own home country.

Back to the new charges. Perhaps realising that they would fail to prove jurisdiction over me for the songs I uploaded from Switzerland to my YouTube channel in May and June of last year, the CPS is now hedging its bets on my performance of the two songs concerned at last September’s London Forum. Previously, I had wondered why only one of my songs was being prosecuted because the second is arguably more ‘revisionist’ than the first. The answer must surely be that the second song is a response en musique to the trolling of me by the original private prosecutor?

The CAA private prosecution admitted its connection to two anonymous troll accounts in papers submitted to court on December 23rd. Without going into too much detail, one of their solicitors failed to remove a fatally incriminating note from the submitted papers. The phrase, in brackets, reads something along the lines of:

‘Remarkably, she also correctly guesses which Twitter account I use’
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This damning error no doubt explains the hasty deletion of a number of tweets, @ name changes of certain Twitter accounts and total silence about my case from the CAA since last December’s bail hearing.

Now, the CPS wants to bring charges for this second song which deals implicitly with one particular CAA troll and his 18-month long smear campaign and daily targeting of me which includes harassment of my family, my friends, my career, my professional associations and even my own folk band. If and when the time comes, I look forward to explaining that, rather than responding to this targeting by 1. being silenced (my accusers’ ultimate aim) or 2. by abusing them in the same way I have been abused for nigh on five years, I chose to respond in the most elegant and effective way I know (and for which I was professionally trained): that is, to write songs – my very own weapons of mass destruction.


In order to be able to provide concrete evidence of the CAA’s tactics of targeting, stalking, harassment and entrapment via anonymous Twitter accounts, I need my laptop which was seized last November by Derbyshire police. Because there are two ongoing cases, I have two different sets of lawyers. This is causing complications for the recovery of evidence stored on my device which would enable me to defend myself properly. My solicitor in London cannot demand the immediate return of my computer because it was seized for a different set of pending charges as explained above. My solicitor in Buxton, Derbyshire, is assigned only to defend me during detention and therefore doesn’t seem to be able to recuperate the device either.

On the same subject, as already mentioned, the policeman who seized my laptop last November failed to seize the charger at the same time. Apparently, a different officer turned up at my parents’ house last Thursday morning March 23 (whilst the adjournment was being discussed at Westminster Magistrates Court) asking for the charger. Yes folks, my laptop – which not only contains all the files I need to perform and create music, all my sheet music and backing tracks, but also an entire library of screenshots documenting the smear campaign against me by CAA trolls and others has been sitting in a police office for four and a half months FOR NOTHING. The cyber crime unit employs geeks capable of cracking any password and deciphering multiple layers of deleted files, yet these same geeks are apparently incapable of finding a fecking charger? No wonder our country is in such a sad state.


My parents had another unwelcome visit earlier this week, this time from BBC journalist Martin Bashir, Religious Affairs Correspondent. Does the BBC consider the ‘Holocaust’ to be a religion? Bashir had already tried to contact me via my solicitor and we did have a brief conversation after someone gave him my mobile phone number (hello, Glossop police?!). I politely declined to comment. Note, the Beeb didn’t send just any old hack. According to The Guardian, Bashir would be ‘one of the world’s most famous journalists’ thanks to his interviews of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, both of course now deceased. Eek! Thankfully, my parents were not at home and Bashir and his cameraman were shooed away by the neighbour. Was this an invitation to for me to speak on terms set down by some corrupt establishment Zionist doormat? After decades of propaganda lies about the ‘Holocaust’, is the BBC suddenly going to start reporting fairly about revisionism? Rather early for April Fools, methinks.


If I’m not arrested for sending this email, I’ll be making a couple of alternative media appearances next week, starting with the Richie Allen Show next Monday March 27th at about 8.20pm (TBC). Then, rendezvous June 23rd, Westminster Magistrates Court at 10am for the legal arguments. Your freedom of speech depends on it (and your taxes are paying for it). In the meantime, heartfelt thanks to all those who have shown so much support. Donations are most welcome via Paypal at the address

To sum up, the CPS has surely opened a veritable can of worms. My case is yet another example of British democracy and legal process being skewed by an illegitimate foreign power: Israel. The fact that charges are being laid against songs which I performed the London Forum, where I was introduced and thanked at the end by Jez Turner – now also the subject of a re-opened investigation following pressure from demonic lobbying group CAA – is certainly not benign. If I am arrested and jailed till the hearing on June 23rd, so be it. If my accusers, along with police and the CPS, fail to understand one thing, it is that I am not afraid to go to prison for my beliefs and political convictions. If they wish to jail an artist and make a free speech martyr of someone for posting humorous songs on the Internet which make fun of liars, then they are most welcome to come and find me. They have my number and my IP address.


Alison Chabloz, 25/03/17.


Separate attachment: mp3 version of one of my Edith Piaf parodies, ‘La Vie en Rose-Chosen’, performed in Edmonton, Alberta earlier this month, with violin accompaniment by Monika Schaefer. The song parodies the CAA private prosecution of my song. (The file will perhaps have to be downloaded before you can listen.)

‘La Vie en Rose-Chosen’