Churchill, the Jews and WW II: My speech at Hull

Richard Edmonds’ speech at the Hull meeting of 19.February 2017:

Why are white people so demoralised ? Only a really demoralised people would tolerate so dumbly the massive and heartless betrayal committed against them by the vicious, shameless and useless party-politicians. At the recent Hull meeting organised jointly by the National Front and the British Movement, NF member, Richard Edmonds, said the two world wars have knocked the stuffing out of the White race. Look at all the names, British names, on war-memorials from one end of this country to the other. The names of those men who marched away never to return. Those men were betrayed. When you look at modern Britain, you know that those men died for nothing. They were betrayed by the party-politicians.

The dedication to the Fallen of the two world wars inscribed on the War-memorial at Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire reads: “We gave our todays, so that you might have a tomorrow.” But we who come after, we know that our Tomorrows have become a nightmare, a multi-racial, multi-criminal nightmare, where we are becoming a minority in our own cities, and where white children, under-age girls are raped, sexually abused, and sold into prostitution for years and years and years by the vile criminal grooming gangs right across the North of England with impunity and in full knowledge of the authorities.

We have been betrayed. The politicians have betrayed us. Those men who march away from every town, city and village in this land never to return were betrayed. They died for nothing. At the Hull meeting, Richard Edmonds spoke to expose those who wanted and who agitated and pushed for a second world war just twenty years after the first mindless bloodbath. Almost a million British soldiers were killed in the First World war: a wicked waste of good men’s lives. Two million German soldiers, a million French soldiers, several million Russian soldiers and hundreds of thousands of American soldiers: all good white men; and nobody can give you a justification for that first murderous world war

Question: So how then did we get a Second World War just twenty years after the First ? The vast majority of British folk certainly did not want a second war. So who did want another war ? Who schemed and who agitated and who against all the wishes and the interests of the great majority got their second war ?

First off, the British politician and perhaps the only prominent politician who wanted a second war was Winston Churchill. Churchill was almost unique amongst British politicians at that time in campaigning for a Second World War. But Churchill was not alone in wanting the destruction of Adolf Hitler and his Germany. Out of sight to most people were powerful and wealthy Jewish individuals who saw war as a means to destroy the Germany that they hated. These powerful and wealthy Jews saw Churchill as the man to bring about the war against Adolf Hitler that they so desired.

In the 1930s, in the years before the outbreak of the Second World War nobody wanted another war; effectively nobody in Britain, nobody in France, nobody in Germany or in the USA, and nobody in Russia outside of the sinister Bolshevik-Communist clique around Josef Stalin ensconced in the Kremlin. Churchill in the 1930s was politically and socially isolated, but he found backers and supporters in wealthy and powerful Jews. David Irving in his book, Churchill’s War part 1, writes of Churchill that “he sold his soul to a syndicate of politicians and financiers”. Irving then proceeds to name those to whom Churchill sold his soul: Sir Robert Waley-Cohen, chairman of the Shell oil company and vice chair of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, donated fifty thousand pounds to Churchill’s campaigning for a repeat war against Germany. Irving writes that Churchill received further substantial financial contributions from Jewish individuals; Irving gives the example of Sir Henry Strakosh, a Jewish gold-mining industrialist based in South Africa, who “lend” Churchill twenty thousand pounds. These were colossal sums of money. At that time at the height of the 1930s world-wide economic slump, a man who was lucky enough to be in full-time employment might be earning two pounds a week; the pound having a much greater purchasing power then.

This Jewish backing of Winston Churchill was, of course, a closely guarded secret only revealed decades later by the researches of David Irving and others. But in parallel other powerful Jews openly called for war: within a few weeks of Adolf Hitler being appointed German Chancellor, the wealthy American Jew, Samuel Untermeyer, led a campaign which the British Daily Express newspaper (of 24. March 1933) reported with its notorious headline: “Jews of the world declare War on Germany.”

In those years the British fascist, Arnold Leese, was an active campaigner against the coming Second World War. Leese exposed in his book, The Jewish War, the machinations and intrigues of powerful Jews to bring about that war. Leese can be regarded as the mentor, teacher and advisor to Colin Jordan and John Tyndall. Amongst the many quotations and sources that Leese produces in his expose, he gives the following, from the Jewish news-paper, The American Hebrew of June 1938:The American Hebrew made this prediction a full year before the commencement of hostilities:

“The forces against Adolf Hitler’s Germany are being mobilised [that’s our soldiers, they are talking about]. A combination of England, France and Russia [Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union] will oppose the crazed Fuhrer.” The American Hebrew continues, “Either by accident or design, a Jew has come to the position of foremost importance in each of these nations, England, France and Russia. In the hands of non-Aryans lie the very lives of millions [of Gentiles]. The American Hebrew concludes: “ When the smoke of battle clears away and the man who played God , the swastikered Christus, is buried in a hole in the ground, a trio of non-Aryans will intone a requiem, standing proud, militant and aggressive, ‘Elie, Elie, Elie’”. From the American Hebrew published a year before the outbreak of war. This quote and many others can by found in Leese’s book.

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