UK Holocaust Memorial Museum: I challenge the British Authorities


Next year, a Holocaust Museum Memorial will be built in the heart of London, near the Parliament. In this video, a French revisionist, Vincent Reynouard, challenges the British authorities. He asks:

1. for the Memorial’s designer to provide proof, a single element of proof that confirms the existence of “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, Majdanek , Treblinka, Sobibor or Belzec.

2. for a public debate between revisionists and historians to discuss the value of this evidence.


Plan of the video :


Part I. How I became a revisionist

Part II. 1945: how an old yarn from the First World War became a “reality”

– 1. Extorted confessions

– 2. An old yarn from 1916 reappeared in 1942

– 3. 1944: the Soviets recycled this old yarn to galvanize their troops into the last assault of the Third Reich

– 4. 1945: the Allied carried on with soviet propaganda to divert public attention from their own war crimes (carpet bombings…)

– 5. In Germany, the Allies “discovered” at the last minute a homicidal “gas chamber” (at Dachau)

– 6. Shoah: the reality

– 7. “Gas chambers”: a creed imposed on the world without a single element of proof

– 8. “Six Million”: a figure unfounded

– 9. Nazi “gas chambers”: a silly story (no toxic gas would have be necessary)

– 10. What the 1944-1945 propagandists didn’t foresee

– 11. Antirevisionist laws everywhere: the last solution to protect the Holocaust myth (British people, beware!)

– 12. From fines to fixed prison: harder and harder repression (my own experience in France)

– 13. From judicial repression to social persecution

Part III. British revisionists must attack the Holocaust myth from the front

– 1. “Holocaust”: a new religion

– 2. Our challenge to the British authorities


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Best Wishes,

Vincent Reynouard