Vincent Reynouard ~ Horst Mahler and Adolf Hitler, Two Heroes


In this short editorial, Vincent Reynouard congratulates Horst Mahler who has now fled Germany, thus avoiding arrest and incarceration by the German ‘justice’ system. When laws are unfair and Justice a farce, then there is no need to obey. Indeed, we are obliged to break the law and say “damn you” to the institutions responsible for enforcing it.
Reynouard then highlights the political evolution of the German lawyer from communism to National Socialism. Also, to mark the anniversary of Hitler’s birth on April 20, Reynouard cites two articles published on April 20, 1941 (one by German minister Walter Funk and one by French collaborationist Marcel Déat).
Finally, Reynouard exhumes a totally forgotten article by Pierre-Antoine Cousteau, published January 19, 1945, which denounces with humour – but not without scorn – the Allies’ cynical hypocrisy.