Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil !


Trump goes off the rails in fervent support of false Jewish narrative


The US Capitol Rotunda was filled with ‘the Jewish people’ on Tuesday to commemorate the Six Million, parade flags, light candles, and listen to a speech by the President of the United States.


By Carolyn Yeager


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP SPOKE FOR A FULL 15 MINUTES at the annual Yom Ha’Shoah remembrance ceremony at the US Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, and then sat down and applauded ‘holocaust survivors’ who lighted candles, and Hebrew singers until the boring tribute to Jews – and only to Jews – was over and he was allowed to leave. That signalled the end of the televised event. Trump’s speech included these shocking words:

Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil and we’ll never be silent – we just won’t – we will never, ever be silent in the face of evil again.” (applause)

Denying the holocaust is only one of many forms of dangerous anti-semitism that continues all around the world. We’ve seen antisemitism on university campuses, in the public square, and in threats against Jewish citizens Even worse, it’s been on display in the most sinister manner when terrorists attack Jewish communities. And when aggressors threaten Israel with total and complete destruction.

(Have you ever read the first five books of the Old Testament, Donald? During the campaign you said it was your favorite book. And why do most of these threats come from Jews themselves, as you have previously noted – and is the case for this year’s 100+ highly publicized telephone crimes. Your own FBI broke the case.)

This is my pledge to you. We – will – confront – anti-semitism!

We will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred, we will bear witness and we will act. As president of the United States, I will always stand with the Jewish people, and I will always stand with our great friend and partner, the state of Israel.

(Sounds treasonous to me. Has there ever been a national referendum on this question? I think there needs to be.)

So today we remember the six million Jewish men, women and children whose lives and dreams were stolen from this earth. We remember the millions of other innocent victims the Nazis so brutally targeted and so brutally killed. We remember the survivors who bore more than we can imagine. We remember the hatred and evil that sought to extinguish human life, dignity and freedom.

I am truly offended by these words, I can tell you. And I would like to point out that we do not every year honor the European and American dead of WWI and WWII (wars instigated by the Jews, by the way, not the Germans), or even our Civil War dead, but every year our American president goes through this ritual of honoring the “six million” Jews who supposedly perished in the “Holocaust” in Europe.

My answer to President Trump:

Sorry Mr. President (not ‘my’ president any longer), but we do have a right to deny the holocaust of ‘six million’ and that there was a plan to exterminate ‘every Jew in Europe’ and you have nothing to say about it.

Are you willing to destroy our American First Amendment free speech rights just to curry favor with the Jews? (Many Jews are willing to do that, which tell us everything we need to know.)

Who are you to call any law-abiding American evil?’

I am a proud (and knowledgeable, which you are not) holocaust denier and I know exactly what I’m denying. I know how deniable it is. You are a partaker of fake news and fake history. You know zilch about what really happened during the 5 years right before you were born – 1940-45. You would not be able to discuss it intelligently in your own words. The speech you monotonously read on Tuesday was written for you, probably by Stephen Miller, and probably with the assistance of Jared Kushner – and very possibly Ronald Lauder had a hand in it. The words are clearly not your own, but I can tell you that when I speak on the subject I can use my own words because I know something.

Logically speaking, holocaust denial (or skepticism, reasonable doubt or disbelief about an accepted national narrative) is not antisemitism. That is a canard that has been introduced by the Jewish holocaust lobby in collaboration with the Jewish media. Now the organized World Jewry/Israel nexus are combining holocaust denial with antisemitism at every opportunity. They have put these words into your speech.

May I ask why the Jews of the USHMM are allowed to use (take over) a large hall of Congress, at the expense of Congress, to hold a holocaust memorial ceremony that could be held at their own building nearby? Is it antisemitic to ask that question? Donald Trump has never spoken as highly of the American Christian people as he does of the Jewish people. Nor does our Vice-President or any of our politicians. It’s a scandal because the Jews are not a great light-giving people, but are a race of robbers and thieves, and sophisticated con-men. They are not victims, but perpetrators. Of those who died during WWII (not 6 million!) many were illegal partisan fighters and saboteurs against the legal German army on both fronts, not in uniform, who committed atrocious, unspeakable barbarities on German soldiers they captured. These thousands of bandits and vicious murderers are now being praised and mourned as “victims” of evil Nazis. No! What is related at this ceremony is only the Jewish narrative – not the true history of the war.

It is a deep, deep shame for our President to stand in our nation’s capitol building (as though a captive prisoner himself) and speak these false words. I am so very ashamed of him that he chose to read them, and identify himself with them. I am a German-American and will always stand with my people – the real Germans, not the many traitors of today. I have every right to do so and cannot be called ‘evil’ for it. I am not evil, but a truth-seeker, and will continue to speak the truth as I know it. I am an American and even the President of the United States cannot push me around. At least, that’s the story we’re given. Is it true?