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G. Rudolf: Lectures on the Holocaust, 2nd edition of 2010: 45% discount

The last 4 copies of the 2010 second edition! Seven years old and just a few days ago replaced by the 4th editions, but still a good read. $35/£25 $18.95/£14.95

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G. Rudolf: The Rudolf Report, 2nd edition of 2011: 60% discount

Earlier this year, we issued a third, completely revised and expanded edition of The Rudolf Report with the new title The Chemistry of Auschwitz. The second edition of 2011 is therefore up for grabs for those who don’t mind not having the latest of the latest. There are only 20 copies left, so hurry if you are interested. First come, first serve! $35/£25 $13.95/£9.95

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G. Rudolf: The Rudolf Report, 1st edition of 2003: up to 99% discount!!!

Too many copies of the first edition of The Rudolf Report were printed in 2003. To this day, we still have more than 300 in stock. We need to clear that storage space. So it’s either sell or recycle. Hence we offer discounts that reduce the price to almost zero. Actually, if you are a book retailer, get in touch and we’ll see whether we can do even better than this: $30/£23 1.95; with bulk discounts as low as 0.39 per copy!

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