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For the past four years, Italian scholar Carlo Mattogno, the world’s most prolific revisionist, has been researching the activities of the so-called “Einsatzgruppen.” These were German WWII special units mainly deployed behind the Russian front. Officially, their main task was to combat partisans, but orthodox historians insist that their actual main activity consisted of hunting down and killing, mainly by shooting, as many Jews present in the East as possible. Death-toll estimates range between just over one and three million. This “Holocaust by bullets” is the single largest topic of the orthodox Holocaust narrative — and so far, it has been thoroughly neglected by revisionist researchers.


Carlo Mattogno has changed all that. A short while ago, he published the Italian edition of his research in a two-volume, 750-page work: Einsatzgruppen e “Aktion 1005” nei territori orientali occupati (The Einsatzgruppen and “Operation 1005” in the Occupied Eastern Territories). It is the first of its kind on that topic, a truly trail-blazing and pioneering work showing that the Einsatzgruppen actually had a wide variety of responsibilities going far beyond fighting partisans and implementing the Third Reich’s policy of “Jewish resettlement,” whatever this term entailed. Needless to say, Carlo sheds a revealing light into this chapter, too.


Unfortunately, hardly anyone will ever read this massive Italian tome. To make this work “exist” in the real world, we need to make it available in the English language. Therefore, CODOH and Castle Hill Publishers have teamed up to make this possible. Furthermore, and in accordance with our decade-long policy, we will make this book available as a free eBook the day we release it for printing. This will maximize the impact of this study — and, alas, minimize our profits from sales. But we’re not in it for the money, or else we would have never touched this “third rail” to begin with.


Considering the importance and extent of this work, only a professional translation by an expert knowledgeable in this field of study will do. We have hired one: Carlos Porter. He has suffered himself from government persecution for his revisionist writings in the past, but is hungry to help. He made us a price no sane person can refuse – not even ten dollars a page. He surely deserves this income. However, when Amazon threw out some 70 of our books back in March, they also slashed some 50% of our turnover. Hence, we’re cash-strapped and have a hard time funding any major publishing project.

In order to get help, we have set up a “crowd-funding” web page of our own (so no third-party can censor us).

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For donors pledging a minimum amount, we even offer a range of thank-you gifts you can choose from (or forgo).


On our crowd-funding web page, you can even track the progress of our fund-raising effort. The page also contains one other project with a lower priority (German language), if you prefer supporting this instead. More projects are to be added soon, so stay tuned!

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