Are Millennials Taking Over?


By Brother Nathanael
Copyright 2017

He’s only 31 but just elected as Austria’s new prime minister.

It’s a chance for real change!” beamed Sebastian Kurz in his victory speech.

Baby-faced, idealistic, and vowing to fix Austria’s migrant crisis, he touts the prevailing meme.

[Clip: “We have to reduce the influx of migrants to Austria and at the same time we have to integrate those who are allowed to stay.”]

Does he mean the 1/2 million Muslims who’ve been citizens of Austria for decades?

And with some 300 mosques and a mounting birth rate, not sure what Kurz hopes to fix.

I mean, it’s a done deal.

The European Jewish Congress, with an affiliate in Austria, has succeeded in ramping up a multi-creedal society.

Its head, Moshe Kantor, recently warned that those against mass immigration “threaten the racial diversity” he “fought so hard to build.”

And with Kurz vowing “zero tolerance” of anti-Semitism, sounds like the Jews got their ‘Millennial’ under control.

Same with Macron.

At 39, Macron styled himself as the “sky god” who’d rescue France from the sludge of politics-as-usual.

[Clip: “After a long democratic confrontation you’ve decided to grant me your confidence and I want to express my profound gratitude.–At 39, Macron is France’s youngest leader ever—breaking a 169-year record held by Napoleon Bonaparte.–Macron’s victory has shattered the two-party system of Socialists and conservatives.”]

Nah…the ’system’ stays intact.

Where did En Marche!—Macron’s Party—get its funding?

Macron was a banker with Rothschild Banque et Cie , then surprise! – suddenly became France’s Economic Minister.

Hmm, wonder who funded his campaign?

A fifth grader could tell you it’s Rothschild and ‘company.’

And, no sooner does he become president that Bibzy comes flying in to give him a hug and his script…and Macron grovels away.

[Clip: “Not a single German was a part of it. I also reject those who want to relativize by exonerating France from the Vel d’Hiv raid would be a good thing, but that’s walking in the footsteps of General DeGaulle…”]

De Gaulle rightly refused the Jews the pleasure of bending to their guilt-trip boot by correctly stating that it was the Vichy government under German occupation that was responsible for Vel d’Hiv – NOT France and its historical citizenship, whose legitimate government was in exile in London.

But Macron puts the French under Jewry’s boot.

We’re guilty, we’re forever guilty!…You Jews are righteous, but we’re evil!’ essentially grovels Macron.

Then he chirps that old sweet song.

[Clip: “We will not surrender to anti-Zionism because it is the reinvention of anti-Semitism.”]

It’s a Jewish game of double standards and Macron’s an easy mark.

Only Jews can rip a country’s policies apart, but touch not the sacred cow of Israel. You’re an “Auntie-Semite” if you do.

Millennials are quick studies when in office.

And they learn pretty quick who’s really in charge.