Fredrick Töben advises that on 25 September 2017 he was declared bankrupt for not having the means to pay his legal costs of $1,503,465.00.

The following video, Mainstream, explains in part what our global problem is all about.

Also, think about 9/11 and how this insider-job event occurred in order to set the new global dialectic to replace the previous Capitalism vs Communism to an abstract Freedom and Democracy vs Terrorism.

Ask why Building 7 also imploded though there was no external force that caused it to fall.

And remember that four days before 9/11 the UN Durban conference on Racism, Xenophobia and related matters had declared Israel to be an Apartheid, Racist, Zionist state!


PART 1“Moving Images”

Moving Images gives us an overview of the Mainstream Media and takes us through a brief history of the Hollywood “Studio System” up to today’s “Star System.” We discover how the creative “mom and pop” studios run by Jewish movie moguls fell on hard times and eventually were purchased by the “money men” from corporate America. The New Hollywood is now a ruthless, profit-driven oligopoly that lacks diversity at not only the corporate level, but the executive, talent and crew levels.


PART 2 — “Corrupting Images”

Corrupting Images explores how executives in the New Hollywood, were infected by a European strain of cultural Marxism known as Androgyny, and as a result now produce endless movies that have corrupted the youth, destroyed the traditional family, undermined the American Middle Class and compromised free-market capitalism. Also, while defaming entire populations, promoting the War of Terror and profiteering from violence, Hollywood now suppresses any movie that fails to align with the interests, values, cultural perspectives and prejudices of the control group that dominates the studios and networks.


PART 3 — “Indoctrinating Images”

Indoctrinating Images explores how the control group of the New York networks — now infected by corporate fascism in addition to cultural Marxism from Hollywood — uses mass media to push only a narrow spectrum of products, issues and causes. Drug-pushing pharma, oil-burning cars, poverty-creating debt, sickness-exploiting insurance, brain-killing liquor and butt-kissing Zionists are almost all that’s promoted by the New York Networks and the Hollywood studios. Marlon Brando, Ben Stein, Abe Foxman and Gary Oldman explain why.


PART 4 — “Globalist Images”

Globalist Images reviews the real political spectrum and explains how and why media power is being used to promote totalitarian ideologies from the far Left and the far Right. Fueled by fiat currency from the debt-peddling, unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, the U.S. Mass Media Oligopoly (comprised of the 6 Hollywood studios, the 6 New York networks and the 6 Media Conglomerates) is promoting the Globalist Agenda.