Fantastic new political art book


Hey made a quick video look inside the new book, Dees Vol 3


Seriously, this art book is a must have for the family, just imagine this on the coffee table waking up everybody in a fun easy way, chemtrails and world war 3 has never been so colorfully presented, even Grandma will love this book, no doubt.

Order here but the complete set of vol 1, 2 and 3 rules!


Look at that price

Thanks so much, buy my books please, you will be glad you did, plus, it will help support my eating habit

But now everyday that bitcoin is going up and up, and people are popping champagne and getting rich.

Oh the feeling of being wealthy is so good, such ease, a feeling of well being knowing you have enough money to relax. Yes, that is what I dream of. No more starving artist dude, now I can be ‘confident art dude’ And if you want to join in the dream then I will accept your offer of donating any little bit of bitcoin. You da best! Never hurts to ask. Ask and it is

Ok, hit me, haha and I promise to give you a signed book!

Here is my bitcoin code 1E3SNdeopoiLk6BHe6x5ZaaHCtNosy5Y5p


David Dees