Israel’s Lobby will have to register under Brandis’s law


Legislation planned by Attorney General Brandis to require registration of agents of a foreign power should be welcomed as an opportunity to define the activities of the pro-Israel lobby in Australia, according to former Palestinian Ambassador to Australia, Mr Ali Kazak.  Mr Kazak has been an Australian citizen since 1973.

The Attorney General and the Prime Minister have foreshadowed the legislation.

Mr Kazak said “We continue to observe a relaxed approach and appeasement of the most powerful lobby on behalf of a foreign government: Australia’s Israel lobby.

“No country has more interfered, and endangered Australia’s security, sovereignty and the integrity of its national institutions than Israel and its lobby.

“For years the Australian media has been reporting Israel’s spying activities forging Australian and New Zealand passports and recruiting Australians from the Jewish community to its army and spy agencies.

Today Mr Kazak released a comprehensive compilation of statements by Australians who comprise the leadership of the Jewish community and pro-Israeli organisations and others who have observed pro-Israeli lobbying. (see attached)

“The quotations- drawn from numerous sources- confirm:

  • the lobby works closely with the Israeli embassy in Canberra;
  • it receives funds from Israel;
  • it has threatened to withdraw donations from political parties for not supporting Israel;
  • It has “established a long tradition of strong public advocacy on behalf of Israel” for influencing members of parliament, journalists, leader-writers and government officials to take pro-Israel views and to advance Israel’s own political objectives;
  • there is a blurring of the roles between the Israel lobby and the Israeli embassy;
  • the “vast financial resources of the community’s wealthier members” have been mobilised to influence Australian government policy.

“This is clearly the kind of foreign influence over Australian politics the Prime Minister and his Attorney had in mind when they foreshadowed legislation to require the registration of agents of influence for foreign powers.

“It will be in Australia’s national interest to see pro-Israeli community organisations required to register once the legislation is gazetted.”

“We trust there will be opportunities to activate the legislation -perhaps through legal action- as soon as it is in place.”

Quotes on and by the Israeli lobby in Australia and their influence


Ali Kazak

Former Palestinian ambassador

19 Carnegie Cres.

Narrabundah  ACT  2604  Australia