Why German Constitution Art. 5 is Not Valid

An important message from Frau Haverbeck. 

The video shows how:

1) German courts decided that the movie Holocaust is the truth and the well known German judge who wrote a book about Auschwitz is a liar, and so are the others who researched and wrote books at the same time. 

2) It shows how the German people have been deceived with the 2 Plus 4 contract telling them they are sovereign, but then the Allies and the German traitors (Jews) secretly made a contract to reverse that back to 1952. Very, very devilish. 

3) It also shows the books that are the foundation of revisionism; all had/ have been forbidden and only the movie Holocaust counted. Severe corruption of the courts by the Jews in Germany. 


Please find the 4 books (3 in English, 1 in German) in the description below the video.