The star of David is rising over Germany

AfD seeks protection under Paragraph 130 for Germans too!


By Carolyn Yeager


A MEMBER OF THE ALTERNATIVE FUER DEUTSCHLAND PARTY  INTRODUCED A BILL TODAY IN THE GERMAN BUNDESTAG calling for the notorious Paragraph 130 of the German Criminal Code to be amended to include Germans under its protection.

“The AfD wants just one thing,” said fraction member Jens Maier, presenting the bill to the parliament. “Namely that Germans are also protected from hate speech and mockery. Our draft bill is supposed to close a gap in the criminal code.”

Here is a longer explanation that Maier posted on his Facebook page in German (automatically translated):

The aim is to prevent the communication of group-focused enmity against the ancestral German population, which incites to hatred against the German population, which calls for acts of violence and arbitrariness or which attacks the human dignity of all Germans.

Not infrequently, German citizens are the victims of massive verbal abuse, for example as “Köterrasse” (meaning mongrel race). Violent crimes of foreign perpetrators against Germans often go hand in hand with insults meant to diminish the victims, explicitly directed against the Germans as a people (“shit Germans”).

The intention is to create the legislative framework for the fact that even the hate offense against the German people is a criminal incitement.

Here is the formal bill, in German

As it stands. Paragraph 130 says that a maximum 3-year prison sentence—or a fine—can await anyone “”whosoever, in a manner capable of disturbing the public peace incites hatred against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins, against segments of the population or individuals because of their belonging to one of the aforementioned groups or segments of the population or calls for violent or arbitrary measures against them.”

Maier claims that the German government does “nothing, or next to nothing” to protect the German population from racism, and that German courts could apply the paragraph to hate speech against Germans if they wanted to, “but they don’t do it.”

Nothing but criticism came from the other parties in the Bundestag, who all opposed the legislation. For example, a spokeswoman for the Left party (former Communist Party) accused the AfD of wanting to abolish Paragraph 130 so they could freely attack “the disabled, refugees, Jews, Muslims, and leftists, unhindered. You love fear, and can’t get enough of it,” said Martina Renner un-collegially (to put it mildly).

Sarah Rygewski of the Social Democrats wondered “who exactly would be defined as German under AfD’s proposal, given that many, including herself (Polish), had roots in other countries.” In Poland, the cry is “Poland for the Poles” but when they occupy other countries, it’s a different story.

These people have an interest in having Germans become second-class citizens. Clearly, the indigenous Britons are already second-class citizens in the UK. It is the ruling class and ruling parties that are betraying the people,  while the AfD is one of the few true peoples’ parties.

Weidel wins lawsuit

In other AfD news, co-leader Alice Weidel got a favorable ruling in a Hamburg court in her lawsuit against Facebook over an insulting comment directed at her. In September, a user identified as Sanda G. left a german-language comment calling Weidel a “Nazi” and insulted her over her sexual orientation. Facebook refused to remove the comment even after it was reported to them. Only after Wiedel herself contacted them did they hide it from view for German readers, but still did not remove it from the view of other readers.

Facebook attorney Martin Munz commented, “Facebook is not a superjudge.” Not for those on the left, maybe, but yes for those on the Nationalist “Right.”’


Germany’s new Anti-Semitism Commissioner

(The following information is taken from two recent reports – April 26 & 27-  at the very biased Deutsche Welle website.)

Germany will become more of a police state than it already is – and more under the thumb of Jews than ever.

Felix Klein’s plan in the beginning is, first, for Germany to centralize the information it collects about anti-Semitic acts.

He envisions a system in which data will flow from local Jewish groups to police in Germany’s 16 federal states and then to his office.  (This, obviously, means Jews will be the deciders of what “anti-semitic” acts take place and German police will take their word for it. This puts Jews totally in the driver’s seat. It should also be mentioned that the most recent “antisemitic” incident of the boys wearing kippas being attacked was a total set-up – so obvious in the DW interview with the visiting Israeli youth.)

Klein is also calling for punishments to be increased for crimes deemed motivated by anti-Semitism. (A version of our distinction between “crime” and “hate-crime” in the United States. And of course if you come down hard enough on any behavior you can force an end to it … but at what cost?)

“Police statistics say that more than 90 percent of anti-Semitic crimes come from extreme right-wing circles,” Klein said. “But those affected, Jews who live here in Germany, tell a completely different story. They feel that Muslim anti-Semitism is much more dangerous than it appears to be in the statistics. I want to get to the bottom of this contradiction.” (Clearly, the police have not been naming Muslims as perpetrators up til now.)

Once the data is available, Klein says, his office will work toward designing “tailor-made” solutions to combating various forms of anti-Semitism, including hostility towards Jews present among some Muslim migrants and young people in urban schools. Such strategies, he says, will focus above all on education (indoctrination). (So get ready for more state sponsorship of special school curriculums, public memorials, museums, documentation centers and former concentration camp subsidies. This won’t be cheap.)

Klein is called by his supporters a specialist. He has been the ministry’s expert on Jewish affairs since 2014, and the Central Council of Jews in Germany specifically requested that he be made commissioner. (The Jews’ choice.)

He says he wants all political parties to agree to these objectives and welcomes the AfD, but he rejects what he calls the AfD’s ‘instrumentalization’ of the issue in order to support its anti-immigrant posturing and points out that the Central Council [of Jews] has explicitly distanced itself from the populists.

As for his budged, the government said that no decisions had been taken as to how much money Klein would be given or how many civil servants would be assigned to work under him. (The Left Party suggested 50.)

The government has indicated that Klein will be allowed to draw on Interior Ministry resources [under Seehofer], but the ministry is itself waiting for the government to agree on its 2018 federal budget and is, to a certain degree, in limbo.

Budget negotiations are set to begin next week and could stretch on until the Bundestag takes its summer break in early July. Only when the money matters are decided will Klein have a better idea of whether he can achieve his ambitious goals. (Donald Trump is pressuring Germany to increase its NATO funding and other contributions to the defense of Europe, at this time. But the working German folk can always be taxed some more; after all, they owe it to the Jews.)

This is rather ominous: “I think that intelligence-service methods are necessary in fighting anti-Semitism,” Klein said. “We’ve observed that Salafist and Islamist extremists seek to approach refugees in Germany and try to incite anti-Semitism and hatred. It’s clearly the job of the intelligence services to take action against this.”  (This is the police state, with government spies searching out offenders, also among the “right-wing.”)

The star of David is rising over Germany.