Q – The Plan To Save The World

This is our finest hour.

If we fail here, our fight ends in another civil war. If that happens, the countries who have already succumbed to the globalist elite’s influence will assist the globalist cabal’s war against us. France, Germany, UK, Canada, and Japan. Italy has started its own revolution against he cabal. While this is hard to envision, it has already taken hold of those who have bought in and have become devoid of their own rational thought in the face of being told what to believe as fact. There are so many moving pieces to this, that it is hard to imagine how someone, or something (group) can do it. But money influences power, and power dictates subversiveness. They have subverted the battle that the Founding Fathers endeavored to fight against. Because this fight started hundreds of years ago. If we fail here, we fail all of Humanity. This is our finest hour.

This clip will give you chills.  Forward this and wake others up.  It’s happening!